10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Are you the kind of person that derives a sense of achievement when picking out the perfect gifts for people you care about? Are you so good at it that others come to you for advice? But with so many birthdays and holidays, even a true master can run out of inspiration.

Getting a present for your boyfriend can be particularly tricky. Maybe you haven’t been dating for that long, and you still don’t know him well enough to pinpoint what he would like most. Or maybe you’ve been dating for years, and since you’ve made so many gifts, it’s difficult to come up with new ideas. Well, worry no more! We’ve made a list of ten ideas to help you out.


Customized Beer Growler Set

This works especially well if he’s the outdoorsy type that likes to go camping and fishing with his friends. You can have his name engraved on it in the form of a logo, as well as the date and a message. These growlers are made from stainless steel and insulated so his beer will stay cold and fresh all day long no matter how hot the weather gets. A set will usually have the growler and two glasses that are also customized with the same logo as the growler. It’s a funny, thoughtful present and he’ll be sure to use it.

A Flask to Keep His Coffee Hot

Maybe he’s more the type of guy that sets high goals for himself in terms of career achievements, so he works long hours and drinks lots of coffee. In that case, you could get his a personalized coffee flask with a motivational message to keep him going. No matter how stressed he is, when he looks at it, he’ll be reminded that you’re there for him and you fully support his career ambitions.

A Comfortable but Stylish Pair of Sneakers

Whether he likes going jogging or he just likes the way they look, he’ll appreciate a pair of comfortable, but stylish sneakers. In fact, for some guys, there’s no such thing as having too many sneakers. You can find options for any type of weather, and the best part is that you can find plenty of reviews online so you can choose a quality product without being a sneaker connoisseur yourself. As a nice touch, you can write a message on the inside of the box.

Professional-Quality Over-Ear Headphones

Is he very passionate about a few bands but unfortunately you don’t share his enthusiasm for them? Then you could get him a pair of professional quality headphones that will allow them to truly appreciate all the instrumental subtleties of his favourite songs without you having to listen to them as well. This works better than asking him to turn down the volume on the speakers since the headphones will probably provide better quality sound so he’ll naturally prefer them.

Gift Basket

You can also make a gift basket for your boyfriend. Then you can include lots of smaller gifts that usually wouldn’t work by themselves. For example, a few pairs of funky socks, a couple of DVDs from his favourite director, a bottle of wine and some sweets packed in fabric sacks, craft beers, skin-care products and so on. Gift baskets are fun because you can design them around a theme. So you can make one for going camping together, watching a movie, sports events etc.

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is designed to help people who suffer from frequent episodes of insomnia. If you’ve noticed that your boyfriend has problems falling or staying asleep, a weighted blanket can help though soothing effect the added weight creates. Weighted blankets are filled with the typical padding plus beads or pellets that make them weigh between 5 to 30 pounds. For best effects, it’s recommended that the blanket should weigh about 10% of his weight.

A Set of Grilling Tools

If your boyfriend loves throwing barbecue parties for his friends and neighbours you could get him a set of grilling tools. You can also get them personalized. You’ll find stores online that sell top quality grilling tools, and they’ll engrave to box and the handles with his name, date or any message you’d like. Then he can show off his gift at the next barbecue party.

Duffle Bag

This is a gift idea that works well for any man. Most people think of ties, wallets or whiskey bottles, but men use duffle bags for just about anything. They have one for going to the gym, one for going camping and another one for business trips. Some men even use them to carry groceries since they’re a lot more comfortable than grocery bags. Pretty much whenever they need to move items from one place to another, if possible, they’ll use a duffel bag. They’re durable and reliable. When you look for a duffel bag, make sure it’s made the fabric is abrasion resistant, the strap is padded, it has enough pockets but isn’t too heavy.

Personalized Liquor Flask

For some reason, men like fancy liquor flasks even when they don’t like liquor. They simply like how they look. This is a pretty classic gift for men, so you’ll find lots of options online. We recommend you get a personalized one since it shows that you planned ahead of time and put some extra effort into it. Plus it’s nice to go to a posh party and be able to take out your leather-wrapped flask with your name engraved on it.

Hand-Knit Scarf

This gift idea obviously only works if you know how to knit, although scarves are the easiest to knit so even if you’re a beginner it should be ok. You’ll have to start early because it might take you a bit longer. You can get some yarn in his favourite colour and decide on the length and width of the scarf. If he has a scarf you’ve noticed he wear the most, you can use the same measurements. The ideal fabric for durability and comfort is a blend of wool and acrylic but something that isn’t overly fluffy.


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