10 tips for a wonderful components sourcing

10 tips for a wonderful components sourcing

There are many ways which can be followed for sourcing wonderful components. One such is contacting the RayPCB and sourcing the components from them. Some other tips are given below:

  • Use an electronic component distributor

When looking for electronic components, search for a reliable and established component distributor. It helps in finding all the parts when they need them. Electronic component distributors are a great resource for the various reasons that make the search of such sources easier.

  • Form a backup plan to handle the worst case scenario

Depending on a sole trader or vendor can create many challenges for the buyer. If the vendor has limited quantities and there is a requirement of more components then, in that case, they must find multiple manufacturers. A backup plan must be there to handle worst-case scenarios to reduce the delays in the manufacturing process.

  • Utilize a supply chain vendor to locate alternate sources

Those specialized parts which are very hard to find can be sourced easily by establishing a strong relationship with a supply chain vendor as this relationship plays an important role. This is because the vendors can extend the extensive network of suppliers to support the needs of the parts of the buyer.

  • Keep track of the lifecycle of the critical components

After finding a part according to the need of the buyer it is necessary to know where it is in its lifecycle. Is it mature or is it still evolving? This information can be used to inform the design decisions. If it is known where the part is fitted in the design process then it can be determined easily whether the part is going to be found harder or the stability of the design is at risk.

  • Know the industry

It is better to know the demand of the component to find whether its demand will make it difficult to source in future. It is also necessary to know whether the industry is tooling up and increasing the global supply. After knowing the demand and supply of the component it can be realized whether the component is hard to find on a temporary or permanent basis.

  • Consider using a component library

When it comes to designing, information of the component that is stored in the library of the component such as electronic design automation can help the engineers to find the related parts. With the help of the library, engineers can incorporate known and accessible parts of their designs. This will also reduce the chances of choosing the alternative of the part that is very difficult to find. You can also visit to the official site to find the component.


  • Know the material

The user must have a sense for what he is creating and what materials will be used in making of the product. Tracking and tracing of the materials and components must be done properly regardless of complexity as it will help the user and buyer to understand the product and anticipate all possible issues or considerations.

  • Know the suppliers

After deciding a supplier makes a thorough research on him. This is because he can make or break the success of the product. It is because an unreliable supplier can create many limitations to the growth of the industry in a great way. An out of stock or discontinued component and material can forest the buyer to stop the production entirely. Having such useful information can help the buyer to know how much the supplier knows about the component they are selling and make sure they have complete knowledge about the components.

  • Test the materials for safety

Some components may contain harmful chemicals and hence they must be researched properly before using them. Proper safety measures must be taken before making the use of such components that contains harmful coating or material. Understanding the material properly can also help the buyer to transparently market the product.

  • Test the materials and product for performance

The material or component that is being used must be tested properly to know whether they are perfect or not. The limitations and availability of such components play a crucial part in the success of a product. Every buyer must check the source of the component before using it.


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