2019 Wedding Season Trends Straight From The Designers

2019 Wedding Season Trends Straight From The Designers

2019 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting wedding seasons to date,” so says Sarah Schreiber of Martha Stewart Weddings. As wedding trends grow and evolve to showcase more of a bride and groom’s individual personalities, we’re seeing new ideas and intriguing elements being incorporated into this most traditional of celebrations. Everything from color schemes to fashion, to flowers and the bridal party — groomsmaids and bridesmen! — it seems anything about the ceremony can be reinterpreted. “Weddings are becoming more personalized than ever before,” Schreiber continues. Let’s explore some of the latest trends for wedding couples, bridal parties, and wedding guests as seen by top designers in the field.

· Weddings are getting edgier and more personal

· New colors and fashion choices celebrate the individuals involved

· Mismatched bridesmaids add beautiful complexity to the day

· Celebrate the relationships, not the traditional roles of the bridal party

· Grooms express their own style in color, textures, and patterns

· Bridal fashion trends offer intriguing embellishments and unconventional choices

· Always follow each wedding’s dress code, then be your best version of you

Let Personalization be Your Guide

When you’re struggling to decide what to wear for a wedding, whether as a bride, a groom, a member of the bridal party, or a guest, let that personalization be your guide. Remember that you’re not dressing to play a role in a generic wedding scene. You were chosen to be there because of who you are and who loves you. That’s it! On that important day, dress to be the best version of you. If you’re a woman who lives for ruffles and lace, then go for it. This feminine style is always beautiful for a wedding. But so is a woman who embraces simplicity, perhaps with an on-trend jumpsuit — or a tuxedo! When you’re a guest, you should always abide by the level of formality called for in any wedding’s dress code, which is easily found on the invitation. It shows respect for the couple and the community with whom they’re celebrating. But there’s nothing that says a woman attending a black-tie wedding can’t wear a fabulous beaded jumpsuit and follow both the dress code and her own personal style.

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Weddings are Getting Edgier

Event designer Jessica Sloan tells us that “weddings are getting edgier,” with darker and bolder colors, and innovative color palettes on the rise. The soft pinks and blues of springs past have become vibrant fuchsia and peacock blue for the summer of 2019. We’re seeing deep, earthy colors like merlot, ginger, willow, and steel for bridesmaids and guests for fall weddings. Cranberry with sage is a sophisticated twist on classic winter colors that is festive and elegant. Plus, black for bridesmaids’ gowns can be utterly spectacular. Wendy Kay of Birds of a Feather finds couples are becoming more “adventurous with palettes” by “mixing colors that traditionally would not go together.”

Bridal Party? Focus on the Friendships

One way to incorporate more personalization in the wedding along with an edgier color scheme is with “mix and match” bridesmaid dresses. Also called “mismatched” bridesmaids, it stops trying to make women match one another and instead brings out the beauty in each individual. Rather than having each bridesmaid wear identical dresses, create a sense of harmony through selecting similar styles in coordinating colors and fabrics. Alternatively, start with a floral pattern and pull out dominant colors in the print. The maid of honor could wear the floral, while each bridesmaid wears a different solid color from the print. The groomsmen could then wear matching ties or pocket squares in the same floral print, creating a cohesive look. This gives each woman the opportunity to wear a cut and color flattering to her while adding a level of complexity to the beauty of the wedding party.

Similarly, dearest friends are being incorporated into the wedding party without regard for the traditional roles of bridesmaid and groomsman. When the bride’s closest friend is a man, having a bridesman or a Man of Honor is far more personal and genuine than insisting on female attendants. Similarly, honoring the relationship between the groom and his groomsmaid or Best Woman is far more important than outmoded expectations of who should stand where. Bridesmen wear the same style as the groomsmen do, whether a tuxedo or suit, but may pick a different color scheme to match the bridesmaids. While a groomsmaid may wear the same style dress as the bridesmaids, many are choosing to wear tuxes and suits like the groomsmen.

Grooms Style — Add Color, Textures, & Prints

While men don’t enjoy the full range of fashion choices available to women, many grooms and groomsmen are coming into their own in 2019. Texture and color are a big trend this year, with tuxedos, suits, and jackets in tweed, velvet, floral prints, and a variety of colors becoming popular choices. A blue and black tuxedo with black pants and a blue jacket with black lapels is a stylish look, especially for fall and winter. Socks in bright colors coordinated with the tie and pocket square is a fun way to tie the look of the groomsmen together with the rest of the wedding party. Grooms wearing floral print jackets with groomsmen wearing a suit that coordinates with one of the print’s colors is a growing trend. In an interview with Martha Stewart Living, Vera Wang advises that a “fashion-forward groom could add character and charm to his tuxedo style with a bold shoe or tie choice. Above all, a groom’s wedding day look should make him feel comfortable and confident.”

Brides Trend Edgy & Personal

Comfortable and confident is an excellent look for brides in 2019, too. While weddings are becoming edgier, the princess fantasy is not going out of style. The romantic Versailles inspiration is alive and well with extravagant wedding gowns like confections of puff sleeves, tulle, beading, and lace. If you wish to be a princess for your wedding, noted designers Sandra Mansour, Oscar de la Renta and Valentino oblige in exquisite detail. Other brides embrace the minimalism exhibited to perfection by Princess Eugenie and Meghan Markle. Sleek silhouettes, architectural details, and sophisticated design are stunning and can make a dramatic statement. This is a look at which Vera Wang, Brandon Maxwell, and Cushnie excel.

Embellishments on bridal gowns are going bolder. Where designs once offered a wisp of feathers, in 2019 they’re going full-fledged glam. The look is theatrical and over-the-top. Keep feathered gowns from Huishan Zhang and Ashi Studio paired with makeup that is ethereal or minimalist to keep the look from going costume.

Like feathers, floral embellishments are a stand-out in 2019. Not just flower-patterned lace or a few pastel springs on the veil or train. Some brides are choosing big, bold, 3D blooms in embroidery, appliqué, and brocades for their gowns in multiple vibrant colors like wine, crimson, violet, and emerald. Check out Schiaparelli and Monique Lhuillier, in particular.

Another accent that eschews subtlety this year is bows. Bigger, bolder, statement-making bridal bows that begin at the shoulder and drape to the floor or nip in the waist in back to cascade in undulating waves have a structural quality that is mesmerizing. Ironically, the larger the bow, the edgier the overall look. And no one does bows better than Carolina Herrera or Balmain.

Whether a bride’s taste runs to lacy and romantic or severe sophistication, feathers, bright blooms or architectural bows — all of these styles and more are now found in bridal jumpsuits, tuxedos and separates as well as gowns. For women who feel more natural wearing pants than a gown, there’s every reason they should do so as a bride. The look is striking in its departure from tradition; utterly modern and fresh. Amandine Ohayon, CEO of Pronovias tells The Guardian: “Nowadays, jumpsuits or two-pieces can have the same wow factor as a dress and can also be combined with trains, capes, or gloves to provide a genuine bridal feel.”

Be Your Best Version of You

The point here is for the bride to celebrate her personality and embrace her own sense of style. “I really don’t think a bride should step out of their “fashion comfort zone” on their wedding day” advises Lela Rose of Florida Bride Magazine. “Pictures last a lifetime, and you want to look back thinking you were a beautiful version of your everyday self – not caught in a trend. Save the risk for your engagement party or a reception dress as these settings can easily call for something fun and playful.”

From brides to wedding guests, grooms to the bridal party, 2019 wedding style trends are growing edgier through becoming more personal. Vera Wang says it best: “The best advice that I can give is to be yourself. To be yourself as your very best; to be confident, comfortable, and easy about who you are and how you live. And to embrace that fully.”

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