3 Solutions To Wellness Most People Don't Even Know About

3 Solutions To Wellness Most People Don’t Even Know About

Throughout the dawn of time, man has been looking for answers. Answers to life, mind, society, personal empowerment, etc. These questions have surely made for some great discoveries throughout the ages. Because of their determination in questioning facts and problem solving, we have electricity, phones, running water, and Atkins. Well, the latter is merely a self-help issue that only touches on the top layer of wellness. However, it brings a good point to the topic. What is wellness to you? To some, wellness is making sure they feel great and look great. They’re not sick, so they think they are well. However, there are some questions to wellness most people don’t even know how to ask yet. Just because your body is feeling “good” doesn’t mean you are well.

When you think of wellness, you should consider terms of wholeness. In order to be well, your entire body and mind has to be on a congruent level, in a balanced state of equilibrium with the world around it. The few people who have discovered what true wellness is, understand that it takes fire and commitment to understand how to reach that level. If you’re one of those people who are ready to take the next step in their health, here are three solutions to wellness you may not know yet.


#1 – Bringing Sexy Back

There’s not a human on this planet that doesn’t want to look great. Wellness aside, one of the reasons gyms across the country are full is because people want to ensure their body is looking great. Exercise is a great option to bring to the mix when you speak in terms of wellness. Exercise can help the body eliminate fat, build muscle, and look and feel great overall.

While exercise is clearly something everyone already knows about, one of the things you may not know about exercise is the types of exercise you should commit to and how it impacts your overall wellness. First of all, going to the gym on a regular basis is something everyone should get together. It’s going to do all of that stuff we just mentioned. However, exercising the body is just some of the positive ramifications. When you exercise the body, you are also triggering the mind to become more healthy as well. What you might not know about exercise is how it has been said to increase brain function, improve memory, decrease depression, stress, and anxiety, and give the person an overall sense of well-being after the exercise is over. When your body is in the middle of an exercise routine, the brain begins to release endorphins and serotonin throughout the body, causing a positive effect on all important parts of the human system, including the one that supports immune and cognitive function.

While people may go to the gym to exercise and get fit to bring the sexy back to their body, they are also indirectly affecting a very important aspect to wellness they never realize. The brain is the commander of the body and when you can create situations where you are activating the brain in this way, it brings about a more positive experience for the entire body.

#2 – Botanical Wellness Education

One of the most powerful solutions you can bring to your life is by ensuring your body is maintaining its all-natural and organic intake. The health and wellness industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year because more and more people are learning about different botanicals from the earth that can benefit their body. What’s more important is how most of these botanicals can impact the body even more so than a prescription from your family doctor. It is very empowering to know that there is a solution in Mother Earth to almost every problem presented by the body if we could just find it.

One of those solutions is a tree leaf. This tree grows predominantly in southeastern Asia and the leaves are harvested, dried, and ground into a fine powder. This powder has been consumed in a tea form by natives for thousands of years and is said to have very powerful properties like relieving stress, anxiety, and much more. This leaf is known as Kratom and you can purchase red strain Kratom from Kats Botanicals who offers premium quality leaf that will have you communicating with nature in no time.

It is very important to understand the qualities and attributes of different plants that can help you solve the problems in your body. Many people through the years have come to know and love Kratom, as well as other natural botanicals to enlighten, cure, and help them overcome different scenarios in their lives. There is a powerful botanical out there that can be the solution to your wellness, all you have to do is discover it and introduce it to your daily routine.

#3 – Expand with Functional Medicine

Another great way to understand your body and what it needs in greater detail is to visit professionals who practice functional medicine. These integrated genetic solutions they practice allows the professional to evaluate every aspect of your life and your body by improving upon the genetic code you have currently and addressing the root of the problem. These gene expressions sound a little high-tech, but if you are currently undergoing a problem in your body that no other professional can quite understand how to treat, an integrated genetic solution process with functional medicine chiropractors can make a world of difference. This IGS process allows the professional to activate genes in your body that are most dominant and deactivate the ones that are functioning at a poor level. This process can mean more energy, improved cognitive function, regulate muscle to fat ratio, and even a longer life span. Functional medicine practices are some of the best ways to solve problems that will keep you on the road to health.

Here’s to Your Health

Through the years, people who have answered specific questions have made life easier for the rest of us. If you are truly seeking wellness, then that means you understand that you want to be “whole” on all fronts, not just physical. Remember, the mind is part of the body too and we should never forget that when the mind doesn’t feel well, it can affect the rest of the body as well. There are solutions to your wellness out there, and professionals, herbs, and educational material that can lead you to the right door to better wellness today.


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