3D Renders: The New Solution for Real Estate Listings Shortage

3D Renders: The New Solution for Real Estate Listings Shortage

Through the years, the real estate market has shown drastic changes. In a way or two, these changes have affected realtors worldwide, especially that listings are an important factor in the industry.

The news about listings shortage is not new in the industry. Indeed, acquiring some useful listings is not always easy.

Nowadays, the present scenario is like this: high demand for homes with high prices but low mortgage rates.

If you think about it, these events are good indicators. But, if the shortage in house listing or supply continues, only a few agents may be left thriving in the industry.

The Increasing Housing Demand and Its Implications

Like the usual supply chain, the relationship between supply and demand is crucial in the housing market.

In fact, home sales are considered a classic example of this supply and demand connection. The ability of people to own homes over the years has been changing, and at times, this is one factor that increases the demand and price of houses for sale.

When the buying capability of people decreases, there is a low housing inventory. This also causes competition in getting listings that affect most realtors.

The Solution: 3D Renders

Given this situation, realtors have been creative and flexible.

They now employ strategies that create more attractive visuals to lure potential buyers. Aside from that, it is a way to generate listings that can be used online without actually going to places to take photos of the property.

Nowadays, realtors who use this technique are always ahead of the game primarily for three reasons:

  1. 3D renders give a whole new immersive experience for buyers.
  2. 3D renders allow you to get faster approvals from concerned agencies.
  3. 3D renders are perfect for utilizing empty spaces, especially commercial ones.

Again, using 3D renders gives a more realistic feel of the property you are trying to showcase – something that some buyers will love to experience.

The concept is somehow similar to virtual staging, wherein you can modify the design of any existing or empty spaces according to the plan you or the client wants.

On the other hand, if you try to get approvals for some designs you want to put as listings from the concerned agencies, including some 3D rendered visuals can help a lot.

Furthermore, empty spaces become more compelling if it is staged, instead of leaving them bare.


Overall, these techniques have been very useful for realtors and will continue to dominate in the industry.

Attract more potential homeowners to list their properties through you. You can become the leader in this trend change just by exploring the possibilities of render.

Get the most out of it by presenting it to a landlord or land developer, and you might just be rewarded with several lists of properties to list in one go.

However, never forget to acquire the necessary permission first from the concerned parties before using renders on any existing spaces. It is always the right thing to do.


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