4 Amazing Things to Know While Traveling To China!

4 Amazing Things to Know While Traveling To China!

Incredible scenic beauty, historical monuments, ancient wonders, vintage cutlery, intimidating cuisines, countryside villages, fantastic transport system, technology-driven cities!

It is one of the fascinating countries in the world. Welcome to china!

While so many people have successfully visited the country and enjoyed their trip, some still find it challenging to plan a trip. In this article, we have collected some useful information that will help you to enjoy your trip hassle-free.

A few years ago, it was unfortunate to gather information about a new place, which has now become very easy with internet access. China truly meets the expectations of first-time visitors and surprises them in many ways. Here are five of them:


The Country Is Extremely Safe

You would be happy to know that the country is entirely safe and crime levels are less because of strong government policies.

Besides, people in China are extremely polite, kind, and welcoming; you would be hard-pushed to find any crime being happened around you. There can be occasional pickpocketing, but you can avoid it by keeping your valuables safe in your bags.

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Further, the security system is remarkable that even if you lost somewhere in the wrong place, you would be safe. However, you should take your passport and China visa guide with you to ensure you are following the rules as a tourist.

Strong Transportation System

Whether you are traveling to a different province or within a city, you would be amazed by the overwhelming transport system. From bullet trains to subways, they are completely up to the mark and even not that expensive.

Long-distance trains have facilities like boiling water to cook noodles and extra seating apart from a sleeping area for a comfortable journey. It is recommended to travel within the country by train as you could see a small part of Chinese culture unlike through flights.

Communication Is Easy Using Google Translator

It is not that tough to communicate with the locals as you think. While some people might find it hard to talk to them, it has now become effortless using mobile apps as Google translate. Moreover, you would find many Chinese people speaking English.

However, if you are traveling to outskirts, you could easily translate English to mandarin so that it won’t be an issue.

Countless Food Options

China is a dream place for meat-lovers. There are numerous options to enjoy a dish of your fantasy. They enjoy eating pork, beef, chicken to possibly everything with plain noodles and rice.

If you are a pure vegetarian, it could be challenging for you. But wait! You can solve things out. Here’s what you can do:

  • Avoid experimenting in a café or restaurant where it is hard to explain what you want.
  • While you can address by saying, “I eat vegetables,” you would be receiving veggies with meat sprinkled on top. Keep that in mind!
  • You can say “buyao rou” which means no meat, but in some places “rou” means meat, so be attentive!
  • It is advisable to take some spices which you can sprinkle on noodles and rice if you are okay with it.
  • As plant-based food is rare in China, which brings vegans a great chance to research on other vitamin and protein supplements.

Undoubtedly, China’s metro cities, like Shanghai and Beijing, are must-visit. But, you are missing out a lot if your trip ends here. Explore countryside villages for authentic cuisine, history, natural beauty, and culture! Enjoy!

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