4 Best Kitchen Tools

4 best kitchen tools that make your cooking super easy

4 best kitchen tools that make your cooking super easy

There are lots of gadgets & fancy utensils out there in the store and social market that makes you crazy enough to buy them. But let’s be honest. You only need the basic set of kitchen tools for your kitchen. It is enough to accomplish any of your cooking jobs. So, in this article, I will talk about some must-have and the best tools for your kitchen. I am here to guide you about the best kitchen tools.


Blender is one of the 4 best kitchen tools that is used to emulsify food. It has a jar and a metal blade at the bottom which rotates. It has an electric motor at the base. There are different types of blender used for various purposes.

I use it for making my favourite spinach drinks, dessert beverage, bread crumbs and many other things. It should be a must-have tool for your kitchen.


Speaking about the kind it has varieties of them. Moreover, in this age of science, it is getting more and more developed that you can’t even imagine. Let me mention some of them:

  • Hand Blender.
  • Commercial Immersion Blender.
  • Single-Serve Blender.
  • Full-Size Blender.
  • Chef Blender.
  • Heavy Duty Blender.
  • Frozen Drink Blender.

Among the above blenders, hand blenders are a portable one. There is no alternative than this one. Again, if you are in a rush and need a smoothie weekly then, the single-serve blender will be your best choice. If you have a party at home and you are the host of the day, then the full size will be your best companion for its large capacity. There are many other blenders with different purposes.


Wait, don’t tell me you don’t own a juicer! Come on; it is an essential gadget for your kitchen. If you don’t have it, then you are unknown about its facilities. Go & grab it from the store right now.

By juicer, many think about a machine that can squeeze fruits alone. If you also believe that then guys you are wrong. They can squeeze vegetable even & help to extract the possible amount of juice it can provide. Moreover, the seeds don’t get stuck up at the bottom instead of going into the compost bin.

So, instead of buying those preservative added juice from the store, get a fresh juice for yourself at home.


Once I used to think that a juicer is anyhow a juicer. In the end, it will provide juice. How can it have such varieties? Is it needed or a waste of money? But it does have a big difference and can affect your work as well.

Mainly three types of the juicer are available depending on the function.

Centrifugal Juicer:

Centrifugal juicer is also known as a fast juicer, most popular in the market. If you have a time shortage, then this one is for you. What I love the most about it is that you don’t have to cut or chop the fruits. You can put them whole. What a great time saver, isn’t it?

Masticating Juicer:

Masticating juicer, also known as cold press or slow juicer. Do you think that how can be a slow juicer be good? Well, it has its benefit. It causes less oxidation to your juice. As a result, the liquid stays healthy for longer. I frequently use it to make nut kinds of butter.

Twin Gear Juicer:

Twin gear juicer has cold-pressing quality along with two drills. This one doesn’t make a sound at all.

Coffee maker:

Now coming to this point, I am so excited to talk about it. I am a coffee addict person, are you? If the answer is yes, this gadget should be in your kitchen. It is my most old friend with whom I used to have my morning breakfast. It also accompanies me in the middle of the night when I have to be awake for my work.


There are several coffee makers like – Drip, Thermal, Espresso, Aero Press, French Press, Cold Brew, Siphon, Percolators, Vietnamese manual coffee makers and many others.

Among these, Vietnamese maker is my favourite one as I like iced coffee along with sweetness.

Pressure cooker:

Do I need to explain its benefit? Pressure cooker, the most common equipment for your kitchen among the 4 best kitchen tools. It saves your energy & time. You can preserve food in it.

Moreover, it doesn’t need much cleaning. When we use our stovetop pots or pans the temperature of the kitchen increases, it is the pressure cooker that keeps your kitchen cooler.


According to the generation flow, a pressure cooker is of three kinds. They are called – first, second & third generation.

First Generation:

As per the name, the first generation is the oldest type & have whistle sound.

Second Generation:

The second generation is the latest one with multiple options.

Third Generation:

The third generation is the electric pressure cooker. It has become quite popular and my favourite also. It offers you a top-notch technology, pre-programming microchips, a valve having spring-loaded and so on. It eliminates the necessity of your supervision for having automated features. It does also have a timer setting feature and dual pressure feature.

Other than a generation, a pressure cooker can is divided into some other groups like single-purpose & multi-purpose pressure cooker.

Tool quality:

Although these are the universal tools of your daily activities, it does also need a condition to function well and last long. These products aren’t expensive at all. So, go for the best quality. One thing you should always do before buying anything is going through the review. A review will help you to choose the exact product you need and save your money as well. Kitchen tools article had helped me a lot. You can go through this and get a decent idea.


I hope that this article of 4 best kitchen tools had made you clear about the importance of these materials. Please, do give us some feedback and ask if you have any question.

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