The 4 best plagiarism checkers useful for article writers

The 4 best plagiarism checkers useful for article writers

How do you decide whether an article is worth reading or not? Which important factors are taken into account for this reason? With so much published material online, it is a tough decision to pick what you wish to spend time on. Even if your interest is related to a particular niche, you cannot read everything available. From the reader’s perspective, he wants to read something new every time he browses a website or visits a social media page. If he views an article with redundant information, he would switch to something that is more informative and unique. Publishing copied articles is a disgraceful act that darkens the future of a writer. If you have produced plagiarized article for an online brand, it would simply discontinue your services to protect its reputation.

Considering the pressure that writers have to get done with things, using a plagiarism checker is an ideal option for them.

Let us glance at the best 4 tools you can count on.

The use of an online plagiarism checking tool saves immense time because writers do not have to depend on setting up the tool successfully. Online tools run directly so the writer only has to click the correct link. This tool has a quick response which is helpful for professional article writers. If a writer has to work on multiple articles every day, it would be hard for him to spend so much time on plagiarism checking. Using this tool would make things easier to manage.

  • Writers cannot spend a lot of time to understand tools as they have to pay attention to other tasks as well. To write an article, you cannot start off directly without understanding the requirements. A professional article writer has to do a lot of brainstorming before he starts writing the article. He cannot start preparing the content directly until he knows what the requirements of the audience would be.
  • Compiling content with so many requirements requires the writer to dig deep into the topic. Along with that, he has to rephrase the content so that no penalties are applied. For checking plagiarism, you can easily make things smooth by using this tool. Why is this a better option that reading the compiled content and matching it with the actual online sources. Time is definitely a huge factor involved in this case. There is no well-defined strategy to read compiled content and check it for plagiarism. You would have to check each written line which is a mammoth task. This tool saves a lot of time and even tight deadlines look immensely easy to meet.
  • All the checks performed through technological means

There is a big different between doing something manually and using an automated technological alternative for it. While reading, even if you pay attention, some major or minor parts of the content may be completely ignored. Relying on simple proofreading techniques does not work well. Hence, it is much better to use this free dependable plagiarism checking application.

  • Scribbr Plagiarism Checker

Students need a good plagiarism checker irrespective of the discipline they are connected to. A quality online tool is needed so that all types of academic assignments can be checked. This tool provides a detailed plagiarism report to the users. If there are any exact phrase matches, they are elaborated in it. The procedure that users have to follow is amazingly easy. In addition to that, the report is detailed and provides comprehensive insight about the specific plagiarism type. For instance, if there are any exact phrase matches, you would know about them through the report.

  • Use this checking tool online

Does the user have to go through any additional installations to use this tool? The answer to this question is no. The use of this tool is not dependent on any additional soft wares. It works well on any smartphone, tablet or computer which has network connectivity.

  • Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

This is one of the finest online applications for checking plagiarism. It is one of the oldest and most reputed alternatives for people who want to produce plagiarism free content.

  • To upload the content, users can opt for one of the two alternatives. One alternative is accessing the content file and uploading it. At times, writers have files saved in the PDF or DOC format. This saves a certain time span as the writer does not have to copy and paste the content. Considering the fact that article writers have to work with difficult submission dates, saving small time spans creates a lot of difference.
  • This is an online tool with complete dependability. It is not feasible for any article writer to use a tool which he cannot rely on without any doubts. Professional writers use this tool on a major scale as it is trustworthy.
  • Plagly Plagiarism Checker

For an article writer, analyzing the content requirements and arranging information accordingly is only half the job. It is mandatory to produce original content as plagiarism is a serious violation. To reduce both effort and time, professional writers can use this simple online checker.

  • This plagiarism checker is very simple to use but it runs through every line to check the status. Even if one line has not been rephrased properly, it would be easily detected. If you want to deliver articles without rushing at the last moment, use this plagiarism checker for making submissions.


Plagiarism is not an issue which should be taken lightly. Writers end up with ruined careers if they fail to deliver plagiarism free content. How can you avoid plagiarism in the smartest way? Proofreading one or two days before the deadline would actually not do the job for you. However, if you select a good online checking tool, even tight submission dates would be easily manageable.

No one likes spending money and using paid tools. However, compromising the level of quality to get free options is not intelligent thinking as well. If you think that a certain free checking tool is suitable, check its standard and performance. The popularity level and number of users would give you a clear idea.


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