4 Simple Things To Remember Why Employee Empowerment Is The New Trend

4 Simple Things To Remember Why Employee Empowerment Is The New Trend

Employees in an organization are like blood in the body. It is what keeps it alive and going. Without good and enough blood, the body will fail to function similarly without the proper staff, and the organization fails to perform. Happy employees mean more productivity. And productivity, not just in terms of getting things done. But better and more creative work. Put yourself in a similar situation. Say when you are sad, you do not skip work, but the motivation is less, and your primary focus is just to get it done. On the other hand, if you are happy, you work in a more motivated and creative way.

Employee satisfaction generally created because of factors like low salary, autocratic leadership, work overload, et cetera. And the most significant contribution one can do firsthand to eliminate the elements like this is to introduce employee empowerment in the organization. Now I’m not asking to hand over the strategic process in their hands. Just the daily small decisions that cannot harm if handled by the employee of concern.

Giving them such a choice is a win-win situation for the organization. First, the long term process that takes days for completion because it has to be approved by everyone will eliminate. Second, the waste of time and resources for even the smallest insignificant decisions will be disposed of. Third, the employees making such decisions will feel empowered, owned, and essential to the organization.

Below are some guidelines that will help in creating a necessary SOP for employee empowerment process:


Revise The Vision

A vision is something that keeps the organization all set on its goal; it has set out to fulfill in the first place. It keeps the organization members reminded of the main goal and thus remains their actions directed in that particular direction. Make sure that they are told of the organizational vision and goals abundantly to keep them on track. One can use posters or little pictures in various places in the office with the idea written down. Employees do wear lanyards in the office to hold their ID or card-keys etc. As Lanyards are a component in the official environment, one can use branded lanyards to convey the vision or any motivational message. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty retractable lanyard for holding keys or badges or something heavier than normal then your best option is 4inlanyards. The color you choose depends on the colors that you wear most and you can customize it as for your needs.

Incentives Can Be An Inspiration

A reward is something similar to the light at the end of the tunnel. It is what keeps the employee going. In formal systems such as that in autocratically controlled organizations are not given any incentives; instead, they are just required to work and then are given their salaries, etc. This is an agreed give and takes rule. This makes them a machine and drains motivation away from them. Instead, having a sympathetic system can be beneficial. Employees are given rewards for excellent performance and appreciated, as well as acknowledge for doing something out of the routine work or performing excellently.

Work-Life Balance

Finding it difficult to juggle between work and life is not fair to employees. Consider employees as helpers, not servents. Helpers that are there to help run the organization with their own lives that are waiting for them once the work is done. This is the fundamental right of every employee and, if not provided, will exhaust even the best of them. Keeping the job secure the only thing that can retain the balance. Just make sure that you are not doing the work too easy or too far behind the chase in the process.

Feedback And Organising

When employees are working for an entity is necessary to keep a track on their performance and keep things more organized for management and employee. Ever noticed a sales team? They keep track of the number of sales each member has made and access the numbers at the end of the day. If the sales record is low, the salesman on the next day tends to outperform it. Similarly, if employees kept informed of their performance, there will be no misconceptions and more struggle for betterment. In other words, it is an organization of the performance of employees. And it can make them both love and hate this organizing technique, depending on their feedback received by the respected management.


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