5 Essential Tips to Consider While Documenting a 360-Degree Feedback

Some decades ago, performing a 360-degree review was a complicated and expensive process. It involved the use of the company’s time and customer consultants. But, with technology, that’s no longer the case. Performing it has become easier and enjoyable. Also, you can do it regularly. Besides, you don’t have to disturb customers going about their shopping chores.

You can send the questions to their email. They will then write and submit their feedback at their own free time. The employees don’t also have to use the company’s time. They can write the review and send it at their own free time.

Tips to Consider When Performing a 360-Degree Review

  • Keep it confidential

You must put 360 degree feedback providers at ease by keeping their identity confidential. Some of the people they will provide feedback are their friends. If their identity is not kept a secret, then their friendship can be hurt. Also, confidentiality will make providers give accurate and reliable information about their colleagues. You should protect those providing the. They will then become confident when giving out the info.


  • Involve the managers

You should select some managers whose role will be to analyze the results. They should have the expertise of doing such an analysis of information. You must develop a method of analysis to do it uniformly. Also, ensure that the managers exchange their reports to cross-check. That way, the review will have reliable information. The report is as important as the reason for performing the appraisal.

  • Comments should be constructive

You should instruct the manager to give helpful comments. Remember that the 360 degree feedback is not meant to fire the employees or to promote them. The main reason is to bring self-awareness. Also, it’s meant to uncover the workers’ strengths and weaknesses.

  • Plan for follow-up

The primary aim of 360 degree feedback is to improve employees’ performance. Giving each worker his/her report is not enough. If the comments insist on the need for some training, ensure that you arrange for it. Some behavior identified may require medical attention. Ensure that the employee visits a psychiatrist or a psychologist. It’s not enough to say that they visited. Let them produce a letter from the doctor. Also, monitor their behavior. The employees should show some improvement. Some workers will not want to work on their weakness. Others may not want to attend the training. In such cases, it is okay to fire them and hire skilled ones who accept feedback.

  • Follow-up

You should prevent the 360 degree feedback from being a one-off exercise. There is a need to keep following up. Involve the managers. Let them follow up, reduce or eliminate all the weaknesses identified. Those who needed training should attend without delay. If this was the first one, perform another one after three months. You’ll know if there is progress or not.

Bottom Line

With these crucial tips, you will perform a successful review. Ensure that the performance is not done just for the sake of doing it. It should help employees improve their productivity in the company.



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