5 Industries Being Changed By the Internet

5 Industries Being Changed By the Internet

The internet is dictating our lives; there’s no doubt about it. Now, even the industrial sector is fast embracing the internet of things (IoT), the interrelation of computing devices and objects. From the manufacturing to the service sector, they have made the IoT a priority.

The IoT is leading the evolution in the industrial sector, and this has led to social and economic changes. To illustrate how the internet has taken over the industrial sector, here are 5 top industries experiencing its drastic and impactful change.


1. Transport

Just picture for a second how life was when you were driving to an unknown destination. The experience was terrible; you must agree. Nowadays, there is Google map technology which not only allows you to know where you are but also the estimated time of arrival at your target destination. You can also use the technology to find nearby fuel stations and sops.

What’s more, you can gather valuable traffic data from the internet to beat congestion and find alternative routes. And if you are traveling by air, you can access live updates on potential delays or flight risks. It’s also possible to browse online in search of a cab or to share a ride with people who are heading your direction.

2. Media

The media is perhaps the most changed industry in recent times. We might not like it, but the internet is the reason why print media is dying fast. The biggest and most reputable print houses are feeling the pain, and they are becoming worried about their possible extinction.

No one wants to read newspapers, especially the youth, as they can find the latest news and trendy topics online. They are also watching TV online and sharing content on social media. At the moment, everyone with an internet connection can become an influential broadcaster.

3. Entertainment

The most hit areas in the entertainment industry are the gaming and the music sectors. If we can start with the first one, the internet has changed the gaming experience. During the pre-internet age, most games featured single players and those that had multiple players were too basic and less fun as players had to be in the same room.

Nowadays, the internet has made video games more interactive. You can play against multi-players from different parts of the world in a picture-perfect setting. Unsurprisingly, online gambling and casino sectors are the biggest beneficiaries of online gaming.

Music-wise the internet is opening doors to talented singers to broadcast their ability to the world. Upon uploading their video on the internet, the masses can watch and recognize their work. Naturally, instrumentalists and dancers also have the same opportunity because of the internet.

4. Retail

Everyone knows that they can find clothes, shoes, electronics and other products online. The exciting bit is that most of these items are cheaper on the internet than in physical stores. We now see online retailers like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay make a kill each minute because of so many shoppers who routinely buy from them.

We now have more e-commerce stores than physical outlets because most shoppers are turning to the internet. To make it easy for consumers, most retailers have mobile apps that prospective buyers can use to shop in their stores. Upon making orders, buyers have to sit back and wait for the delivery, sometimes even at their doorstep.

5. Life Insurance

The life insurance sector hasn’t been left behind in as far as the online market is concerned. Prospective policyholders are turning to the internet for solutions. For example, we are seeing more people visit search engines to compare online quotes from different insurance companies. They prefer this route over meeting insurance agents or calling them as it is direct and fast.

We are also seeing policy providers configuring their websites to be mobile-compatible to attract as many mobile users as possible. Potential customers can now consult, ask for quotes, and buy life insurance using their internet-enabled handheld devices with the assurance of quick feedback either through live chat, email or social media messaging.

Closing Thought

The impact of the internet on the industrial sector is clear for everyone to see. Whether we call it disruption or just the industrial revolution, the internet is here to stay. We have no option but to embrace it and try to get the best out of it.


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