5 Kitchen Design Trends that You Need to Know About

5 Kitchen Design Trends that You Need to Know About

The 5 essential kitchen design trends to keep in mind when redesigning your kitchen. Read more here!

Regardless of how long you plan to live in your apartment, it’s fun to create a custom dwelling.

After all, your apartment’s personality and design should showcase those who live in it.

If you’ve been trying to think of ways to decorate your kitchen, you came to the right place. Fortunately, there are many kitchen design trends that you likely haven’t heard of before.

So, if you’re looking for something new and exciting, we have some ideas!

We want to introduce five kitchen design trends that you need to know about ASAP. We have zero doubts that one or more of them will look incredible in your apartment!


1. Make It Light and Airy

If you’re a busy student, it’d be nice to come home to an inviting space that’s comforting and spacious.

Luckily, you can make bring this trend to life by carrying out a few of these awesome ideas below:

Go with a Neutral Scheme

You might already have a neutral scheme. How can you tell? For starters, your apartment may have neutral colored walls, carpet, and other soft features.

To add a little bit more color, look into adding decor that comes in soft shades of yellow, blue, or green. For a whimsical, feminine look, consider light colors such as pink or lavender.

Include a Minimal Amount of Decor

A space that’s cluttered doesn’t mesh well with a light and airy feel. If your apartment is already overflowing, try to reduce the number of accessories you have scattered around.

Also, instead of over decorating, stick to a few elements that you truly love. Keep a few pastel-colored blankets, a small sculpture, or a few potted plants out on display.

A few candles can also make your kitchen glow and add to a soft and help add to an airy ambiance.

2. Play Around with Shapes

Experimenting with different shapes and angles for your kitchen and appliances is a lot of fun and can make a kitchen very intriguing. Try to use various geometric shapes to transform the way your apartment looks.

Also, instead of sticking with a narrow rug in your kitchen, try incorporating a round rug to jazz things up. Or, try a carpet that has a fun geometric pattern!

Geometric patterns are less invasive on smaller decorative pieces. We’re talking elements such as rugs, pillows, or blankets.

Peel-and-stick removable wallpaper is another way to embrace different shapes in your kitchen. To select a wallpaper that’s easy on the eyes, attempt to shoot for a black and white pattern.

If you decide that you don’t like the new patterns or colors, the peel-and-stick will make it easy to swap it out for something new.

We recommend that you invest in some seat cushions, pillows, and various artworks in different shapes to spice up your space. These accessories will undoubtedly fit into the kitchen perfectly.


3. Use Your Surroundings as Inspiration

I’s your apartment, that means you can do what you want to it! (Within reason, of course!)

Since your kitchen is a blank canvas, think of ways that will make it feel like home to you. One neat way to bring it to life is by using your surroundings as inspiration.

For example, your university might be within walking distance from your apartment complex, and your college may coincidentally be big into sports.

Consider creating an athletic theme in your kitchen if you happen to love sports. For instance, if you attend Louisiana State University, you can adorn your walls with your mascot Mike the Tiger.

To further show off your school pride, frame a few pictures of you with friends at games and events. Put them on the island table for everyone to see.

You could also put your university’s throw blanket over a kitchen chair. Another idea is to place a flag somewhere in your kitchen.

Decorating like this is perfect for capturing the same energy that your outdoor surroundings provide. Without making decorations too over-the-top, you can use your school colors throughout the apartment — including the kitchen!

4. Repurpose Old Items

Another popular kitchen design trend is repurposing old items. Think about it: There are an endless amount of things you can repurpose!

Here are some ideas:

  • Use an old tin bucket to hold flowers
  • Get a can of paint and liven up some old furniture
  • Install new hardware, such as cabinet pulls, knobs, or hinges
  • Find old glass bottles at thrift stores and use them to decorate
  • Repurpose art calendars and place the artwork in inexpensive frames
  • Use an old childhood game such as Twister as a tablecloth

Not everything has to be shiny and new in your apartment. If you rent a furnished apartment, there won’t be very much that you need to add anyway.

That’s why using items you already own to spruce up the place is perfect. You can quickly develop a trendy kitchen that looks incredible.

5. Pick a Bold Color

This trend contrasts item #1 on our list, which is to create a light and airy apartment using light colors. If bold colors are more your cup of tea, think of ways to create a cheery and bright kitchen!

To add some color, you don’t have to go over the top. Add a few bright accessories, such as a hot pink toaster or a colorful green coffee maker to add pops of color.

Or, even a bright patterned rug or curtains could do the trick!

Bright colors can create an energetic interior, especially in the kitchen. If you do happen to be low on energy, you should be able to head to the kitchen to enjoy a snack in a colorful and joyful environment.

Colors can have an outstanding positive impact on your mood. So, lean towards decorating with colors that make you happy!


You’re going to be spending a majority of your time in the kitchen — we all need to eat!

And as you chat up a storm with your friends, it’ll be nice to enjoy the decorations that you’ve selected.

There are several ways to decorate, regardless of whether you’re switching up your theme, or are diving into a new apartment.

We’ve outlined some incredible design inspirations in this article — but we’ve only grazed the surface!

Geometric shapes, neutral walls, and sports decor, we’re coming for you!

Author Bio:

Ryan Sundling is a Group Marketing Manager at Cardinal Group Management and works closely with Wildwood Baton Rouge to help them with their marketing efforts. He has over ten years of experience in the student housing industry.


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