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5 Sexy Ways to Maintain Your G-Strings’ Quality

Wearing sexy underwear, such as the g string, has always felt liberating and empowering. Skimpy and lightweight lingerie are relatively smaller in size, leaving little to the imagination. It’s the perfect outfit for when you’re feeling sexy, in the mood for having fun, or want to embrace what you have and flaunt it.

Fun and sexy things aside, wearing G-strings and sexy lingerie should also be paired with the utmost care and maintenance for your amatory fabric. After all, who wants to wear sexy yet filthy underwear? Gross, right?

Regardless if you only wear your G-string and sexy underclothes on special occasions or wear it regularly as your part of your everyday wear, it is necessary to apply proper care to your intimates and make it a habit

Below are five friendly reminders that will help you maintain the quality of your lingerie and g string and stay sexy:

  1. Use cold water and detergent designed for handwashing

Laundry detergent can be harsher for your intimates. The material used in sexy underwear is usually more delicate and prone to wear and tear. Cold water and a detergent designed for handwashing provide just the right amount of ‘cleansing power’ to sanitize your thongs, G-strings, and skimpy underwear without compromising the quality of its fabric. If you are travelling, bring a portable amount of handwash detergent and avoid substituting it with bath soaps, shampoos, or any other type of cleansing agent.

Apply gentle force when washing, squeezing and scrubbing

Sexy kind of underwear is made with thinner fabric and therefore requires more care when handled. Applying just the appropriate amount of force enables the detergent and water to penetrate through the material and do its job. Squeezing or excessive scrubbing can leave wrinkles on your undergarments and even rip it apart.

Skip the drier

After washing your intimates, hang it out and let it dry. Putting it in the drier will likely stretch the material and loosen up its elasticity or deconstruct its overall design and structure. Don’t worry about your undergarments taking too long to dry—it is made with lightweight fabric and will likely not take an entire day to dry.

Change your thong or G-strings regularly

Avoid buying into superstitions and irrational beliefs that certain underwear or intimate wear is “lucky” that you have to wear them multiple times before you wash it. Treat your thongs and skimpy undergarments the way you would handle your regular underwear. Change it regularly. If you only have a few pieces in your wardrobe, save it for a special occasion. This will keep you from washing it and exposing the fabric to excessive pressure. Lucky undergarments that get you laid are a thing of the past—stick to practising good hygiene to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your intimates.

Choose intimate wear with fabrics that are comfortable and non-allergic to your skin

Certain fabrics and materials that can be harsh or reactive to your skin. Even if you only wear your g string or thong once a week, your sweat and body fluids will stick and react to the material of your undergarment. Avoid fabrics that make your skin feel uncomfortable. If possible, purchase underwear from reputable stores. While it may be more expensive, it is still better to opt for undergarments with high-quality material. Intimates made with the most excellent material are more durable and comfortable to wear.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy and confident, especially by wearing skimpy undergarments. However, don’t forget that proper hygiene is as equally hot as wearing your most erotic evening wear.

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