5 Unique Things To Do In Delhi

5 Unique Things To Do In Delhi

Delhi being the national capital of India will never cease to amaze you. And quite understandably, it happens to be the only city in the world with the unique distinction of not only one, but three UNESCO World Heritage sites within its boundaries.

If you ever wish to explore the capital city of India Viajes, there is never a shortage of interesting things to do here. This city is teeming with bars, cafes, bazaars and several other fun places, which can make this city of culture, can give other better-known cities of the world a run for their money.

Here, we bring to you the top five interesting and unique things you can do while in Delhi.


1. A look at the Qutab Minar

The Qutab Minar is considered as Delhi’s top attraction and also a renowned UNESCO world heritage. This building is about 240 feet tall and was established in the year 1192, but the first ruler of Delhi- Qutb- ud – din- Aibak. Hence, the minaret is named after its ruler.

The five-story tower is built purely out of marble and red sandstone. It also has a spiral staircase which consists of about three hundred and seventy-nine steps. Unfortunately, the stairway has been closed to the public since 1974.

2. Looking For Peace?

The Lotus temple is a rather delightful place. The entire white complex from the bottom to the top is made of pure marble, making it a proper architectural delight. The temple is shaped like the universal symbol of peace (besides the dove), the lotus, hence the name- Lotus Temple.

Photography is restricted here, and there is a strict code of silence that is to be maintained at all times. This place is opened to all castes and creed, thus making it an ideal place for anyone who wishes to meditate and pray. This place is also known for the famous Baha’i faith

3. A Walk To The India Gate

The India Gate is dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in the Afghan war. This forty-two meters high iconic and historic landmark is not only an educational experience, but it also serves as a photographer’s delight.

Inscribed on the walls of this memorial are the names of about thirteen thousand, five hundred people- soldiers who laid down their lives for the country fighting in the Northwest Frontier.

The India Gate is visited best in the cool evenings when the monument the place is brilliantly lit up, and the fountains around it give it a look of magic.

4. Boating at the Old Fort

The Old Fort also is known as the Purana Qila has an old-fashioned boating area set amidst the ruins of the Fort and the Delhi Zoo boundary.  This serves as the perfect place to cool off the stress of the entire week.

Open on all days, except Mondays, the Old Fort provides a lovely setting to unwind yourself among the backdrop of the historical fort. The construction was started by the Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri but was completed by Humayun.

5. Food, Glorious food!

Finally! Food! When looking in Delhi for the best eateries, stop by at India Habitat Centre.  This display is a nine-acre complex, which adjoins the Lodhi Gardens. Famous for its art galleries, auditorium and hospitability, this place also holds its credit for being the venue for conferences.

In the top drawer, one could find a number of restaurants serving amazing food and mouth-watering goodies from different parts of the world. Lovely food, accompanied by a stunning landscape full of gardens and fountains is what makes this place so special.

And there you have the top five unique things you could do in Delhi. So wear on those exploring shoes and take a look around the capital of India.


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