6 Best Password Manager Apps To Keep Things Secure!

Just a reminder: In case you are still using the same password as a universal password, you are just calling more trouble!

One of the best ways to protect yourself online is by using a unique password for every site, service, and portals you subscribe for. Of course, it becomes cumbersome to remember every password; if you have a password manager app, things become less worrisome.

While there are many good password managers, below is the list of best password managers that are available. Surely all of them are trustworthy and do a good job in keeping things secure; some are ranked on the basis of advanced features.


Dashline comes in the category of some of the best password manager apps, which helps in keeping passwords secure and safe. It’s the strongest password manager offering more space for storing credit card information, ID cards, and other payment details. Its auto-fill feature lets you fill online forms, address, and other details that you put over and over. It’s an easy-to-use interface, optional cloud syncing and security dashboard make it the best app to use.

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  • Easily syncs password from all devices (macos, Android, ios).
  • Also comes with VPN protection
  • Easily capture shopping receipts and credit card information


LastPass allow you import all the pre-saved login credentials like username and password from Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. Some of the most impressive features of LastPass includes two-factor authentication, free credit monitoring, auto-fill details, multiple identities, and more.

It also stores all your encrypted information on cloud servers, which means you can use it on other computers as well. While the password manager is free, you easily get access to full suite and other features with the premium version.


  • Enhanced multifactor authentication features
  • 1 gb secure online file storage
  • Offer complete tech support

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Keeper Password Manager:

If you are looking for the most robust password manager, Keeper Security is the solution! It offers a wide range of password solutions for business, families, enterprises, and at a personal level.

The two-step authentication and secure file storage help in keeping everything safe and every information protected. Besides, it works on all platforms and different browsers.


  • Easy password sharing and inheritance
  • Optional secure file storage feature
  • Support all browsers and platforms
  • Allow auto-filling of forms and passwords


BitWarden is open-source, free software, which offers services to various platforms and numerous devices. Its 2FA security methods let you import passwords and data from different web browsers, password managers, and apps.

It also supports cloud syncing to platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and more. Since its an open-source, you can clearly see how it store information about your password data.


  • It’s opens-source
  • Offer two-step authentication
  • Lets you generate TOTP codes for 2FA- supporting sites
  • Easy on pocket
  • Support all platforms and browsers

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Another password manager on which you can completely rely is the 1Password. It’s intuitive user-interface, and in-built watchtower will notify you about the ongoing website breaches. It’s digital wallet easily let you save every information from credit card information to the login credentials to network passwords and sticky notes.

While the one-time purchase let you sync everything locally, you can also use the software to easily sync information through the Dropbox and iCloud between the system and other devices.


  • Easy and secure authentication when added new devices
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Can be used with macos, Android, ios and Windows

True Key:

True key relies on biometrics, offering the ease to sign in by using a fingerprint or any other facial feature. With this, you don’t have to rely on the keystroke passwords; True key will tell you when you are logging from a new account.

Also, it will auto-generate new passwords and will save the information. You can adjust the time-frame, store things like membership information, credit cards, store addresses, and more with ease.


  • Easily sync passwords with macos, Android, ios
  • Offer support for multi-factor authentication
  • You don’t have to worry about master password

So, those were some of the best password manager apps you can use to keep things safe and secure on the web. Pick the one that suits your browsing needs!

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