6 Surprising Ways Being Healthy Can Save You Money

6 Surprising Ways Being Healthy Can Save You Money

We watch on TV, hear on the radio, and read on lifestyle magazines the importance of staying healthy. We are told that doing so protects us from diseases and helps us live longer. While this is clear to everyone, are you also aware that being healthy is right for your financial wellbeing? Well, you can save money by staying healthy. Here are surprising six ways this is achievable:


1. Cheaper Life Insurance

Life insurance is not as expensive as most people perceive it to be. Yes, it is not easy to find a cheap policy, but it doesn’t imply that it is impossible. You only need to know what to look for, and that’s how you can save money. Some of the strategies you can use to enjoy cheaper life insurance include:

  • Consider term life insurance over permanent life insurance
  • Buy life insurance sooner rather than later
  • Pay yearly rather than monthly
  • Disclose your health status upfront
  • Search for guaranteed level-term premiums
  • Take the necessary medical exams

Remember, you qualify for cheaper premiums when you are healthier. So, learn to look after your health if you are looking to save on life insurance.

2. Saving on Junk Food

Junk food may be available almost everywhere, but this doesn’t make it cheap. You spend more money at fast-food restaurants and supermarkets than what you incur when cooking at home. Since food vendors are in to make money, they enjoy overpricing their items. So, why don’t you buy your healthy foods?

Besides, the freedom to shop for your healthy food allows you to compare different options and see what you can save. You can also find cheaper but healthier alternatives to expensive meals. You become a smart and budget-conscious shopper with a health drive.

3. Saving on Clothes

Having a fit body means relishing the opportunity to continue wearing the clothes you have longer. In this case, you don’t have to change their sizes, which often suggest changing your wardrobe. It is expensive to do so, remember. In any case, if you don’t have to buy new clothes, then you can save money.

Observing a healthy routine saves you from paying so much attention to your wardrobe as your focus is on your wellbeing. Without realizing it, this translates to less money out of your pocket.

4. Saving on Transport

Why spend thousands of dollars yearly on gas and car maintenance when you can cycle? Why take a taxi over short distances when you can walk? By cycling, for example, you not only improve your fitness and endurance, but you also save money in the long run. The same can be said about taking a walk.

Given that fuel prices keep on fluctuating, and car maintenance is becoming expensive, it makes financial sense to reduce the frequency of driving and consider trekking or biking.

5. Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare can be costly if you don’t know how to go about it. You have to go the extra mile to save money, and mainly this depends on being healthy. Here are smart tips you can use to enjoy cheaper healthcare:

  • Save on medicine by switching to generic options
  • Go for routine health screening to prevent serious health complications
  • Opt for in-network healthcare providers as opposed to out-network options
  • Inquire eligibility for outpatient services to avoid being admitted
  • Observe a healthy lifestyle – Eat right and exercise regularly
  • Consider a flexible savings account (FSA) or a healthcare savings account (HSA)

6. Cutting Down on Vices

Lastly, being healthy means going slow on (if not abstaining from) vices like smoking and alcohol. You probably are aware that smoking is a risk for cancer, heart disease, and stroke, while alcohol exposes you to liver cirrhosis. What you probably haven’t thought carefully is how much you waste on the two.

Cigarettes and liquors are not cheap. You spend so much on them, knowing that they don’t benefit your health in any way. So, why don’t you cut them down to improve your physical wellbeing and financial health? You can as well drop them altogether.

Closing Thought

While the above financial savings approaches may surprise you, they should convince you to observe a healthy lifestyle at all times. From the food you eat to the fitness routine you follow, you should get the most out of them.







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