6 tricks that help you fall asleep in minutes

6 tricks that help you fall asleep in minutes

Sleep – an activity that each one of can’t really get enough of. With endless deadlines, time schedules and mountains of piled up work, one really can face sleepless nights, or worse – insomnia. At the end of the day, all you want to come home to is a good night’s sleep. But, sometimes even that takes a long time before you can actually indulge in blissful slumber.

For some sleeping with a sleep calculator works like a charm, and for those who still stick to counting sheep, well maybe it’s time you change this routine. With this being said, no amount of sheep jumping over the same fence would actually help, especially if you head to bed with a lot of things over your shoulder.

Moreover, you may come across people who fall asleep instantly with no hassle, and that is a reflection of their mix of genetics and sleep habits. Your sleep habits are also related to your lifestyle and if it’s not given its vital consideration, your sleep cycle could definitely go for a toss.

As a resident of your own abode, understand that your bedroom is your own sanctuary and if you can’t sleep in it then it’s time you actually considered making some evident lifestyle changes.

Whether it’s sleeping on your king-sized bed frame with a headboard, a comfy sofa or a contemporary wool rug, your body requires the right amount of sleep every day!

So how do you really tackle your sleeping problem? Here are 6 ways that you can implement.

1.       Schedule it!

That’s right, scheduling or sticking to a timeline when it comes to sleep is a good way to set your biological clock. As you practice this, you will gradually stick to your schedule in such a way that you will not be able to do anything else, but rest after a certain point of time.

Take in a good 8 hours of good sleep and you will automatically adapt to such a routine that will also enhance your productivity and energy levels required throughout the day.

2.       The Mattress Affair

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, you need the right amount of comfort and cosiness. Let’s face it, nobody can sleep on a poorly made mattress that falls flat every time you sit on it at least. Your mattress does play an important role in ensuring a good night’s sleep because it does make a difference – a huge and prominent one, actually.

Indulging in sleep with the ideal mattress can definitely go a long way, especially when you have a wide range of mattresses to choose from such as foam mattresses, an organic latex mattress or maybe go the extra mile with a John Lewis mattress!


3.       Give importance to your diet

Your diet plays a pivotal role in shaping up your sleep cycle. Avoid going to bed on an empty stomach or extremely stuffed. By doing so, you would experience discomfort in such a way that the former could give you gastric problems and the latter would cause indigestion. Due to such discomfort, your sleep would disturbed resulting you in staying up all night.

Nicotine, Caffeine or Alcohol induced diet could increase the chances of you not receiving the right amount of sleep at night.

4.       A restful environment is just a bed away

A cool, dark and eerie surrounding is required for a good night’s sleep. With this being said, you could also go and make the hardest decision of keeping your electronics away, as you hit the sheets. The environment in your bedroom should always give out a calm and serene feeling as you enter and you can achieve this by opting for dark coloured blinds, other room-darkening shades, ear plugs, or even eye-masks to create an environment that suits your needs.

Ensuring that you indulge in calming activities such as taking a relaxing bath, or relaxation techniques will definitely promote good sleep. If you own a pet, it’s even more reason to go out with a furry companion. And when it’s time to hit the sheets, you can lay beside your furry friend in your humble sanctuary. Although, using a custom made blankets is highly recommended, in case of any untimely incidents.

5.       Get Physical

That’s right! Incorporating daily exercises such as walking, running, cycling, etc. will help promote good sleep. But in the same way, avoid indulging in high-cardio exercises before sleep, as it could hinder your sleep cycle.

Exercising daily can also promote good mental health and also boost creativity, which would also increase your productivity throughout the day. In case you aren’t so keen about exercising, you can always spend some time outside enjoying the weather, as well.


6.       Avoid overworking

When it comes to sleep, don’t even have a second thought about compromising it. Yes, there will be days when you are overburdened with a lot of work, but it’s time that you make a change for your betterment.

When such a scenario happens, it is vital that you keep your work aside and rest up for the day. Overworking is only going to make room for more anxiety and that’s why you need to avoid it.


Feeling tired and getting ample amount of sleep is nature’s way of telling you that you need to hit the bed. Like a regular alarm clock, your body’s alarm clock will automatically ring when it doesn’t receive the rest it needs.

Some nights can really seem impossible when it comes to falling asleep – with all the tossing, turning and thinking about skipping sleep, doesn’t really make things better. Although some of the most common tactics right now are just drifting off to sleep binging on Netflix, it doesn’t always work and it isn’t advised because sleeping with electronics beside you is always a bad idea.


Sleeping well plays a primal role in shaping up your good health and well-being throughout the course of your lifetime. It protects your mental health, physical health, improves your quality of life, etc. Moreover, it also helps prevent excess weight gain, heart disease and other illnesses. With adequate sleep, a person’s body is repaired, regenerated and recovered in such a way that the person feels rejuvenated.

As working individuals and emerging young talents, you need to understand that there is a dire need to maintain your sleep pattern because once it’s altered; you will tend to face several consequences that could fuel a lot of negative thoughts which could be unintentionally imbibed at work or outside work.

So, sleep well folks!


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