9 Tips for Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee

9 Tips for Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Is there anything better than a warm cup of Joe?

That first sip of coffee can truly set the tone for the day. If your morning cup tastes good, it’ll put you on track to get out there and make things happen.

But let’s be honest:

Not all cups of coffee are created equal.

If you want to know how to brew the perfect cup of coffee, keep reading. We’ll show you how to make java like a pro,

Here goes:


Choose Your Method Carefully

There are at least a dozen ways to make a cup of coffee, and each one produces a different texture and taste. There’s certainly no right method, but you should choose based on your preferences (and your schedule, as some of these methods take longer than others).

Some of the more popular methods include:

Drip Coffee

If you have a regular coffee maker on your kitchen counter, this is the method you’ve been using.

It’s a convenient method that allows you to brew a pot in less than ten minutes, but it gives you less control over the coffee’s taste (unless you invest in good beans and a high-end drip coffee machine).

French Press

A French press is a simple coffee-making device that gives you a bold, full-bodied flavor. You can adjust the taste by using different types of beans, maintaining the water temperature, and timing your brew perfectly.

If you’re accustomed to drip coffee but you want to branch out a bit, the French Press is a good option.


Pour-over coffee is another simple option for those who want to step up their brewing game. All you have to do is fill the cone with coffee beans, boil a pot of water, and pour the water over the beans into your glass coffee pot.

It’s kind of like making drip coffee the manual way, but you have a lot more control over the coffee’s taste.

Other methods involve using an AeroPress, a percolator, and vacuum siphons.

Buy Fresh, Unground Beans

Which method you’re using, you need good beans. If you brew beans within a few days of them being roasted, your coffee will taste much better.

Buy them unground, too, as they’ll have more flavor locked in, and you can unleash that flavor during the brewing process.

Store Your Beans Properly

If you want good coffee in the morning, you need to prevent your beans from being exposed to air. Storing them in airtight containers will keep the flavors from escaping.

Don’t freeze or refrigerate your beans, either, as coffee beans are known to absorb the odors of the foods around them.

Get Yourself a Good Grinder

Grinding your own beans gives you control over the size and shape of your coffee grounds. With small, well-ground beans, you’ll ensure that the water hits every ground and extracts the most possible flavor.

We suggest getting a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder. Burr grinders give you a more even grind, and all of your grounds will be the same size.

Use Cold-Filtered Water

The clearer the water, the better your coffee is going to taste. So if you have less-than-stellar tap water in your area, filter your water before using it to make coffee.

The easiest way to make cold-filtered water is to filter your water through a Brita, then filter it again through a strainer filled with ice cubes. This will improve your coffee’s taste by giving you the clearest possible water.

Watch Your Water-to-Coffee Ratio

No matter what type of beans or brewing method you use, there’s a pretty standard ratio for making coffee:

Two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of water.

You can add more or less coffee to suit your taste, but definitely make a few pots before you start experimenting with bean amounts.

Use Oat Milk Instead of Cream

Some people like cream, others prefer half-and-half, and some folks ask for straight-up milk. There’s no right answer, and you can put anything in your coffee that you like, but if you want the creamiest cup possible, oat milk is the best option.

It has a thick consistency that doesn’t break down in a hot cup of coffee, so you’ll get a nice, smooth texture.

Test the Coffee Before Sugaring

Even if you like your coffee sweet, be careful about adding sugar. Sprinkle a little bit in at a time, stir it up, and take sips until you achieve perfection.

You probably don’t need as much sugar in your coffee as you’re used to. Going slow with the sugar will help you figure out how much you actually need.

Drink From a Wide-Mouthed Mug

Coffee is a lot like wine, and any coffee connoisseur will tell you that your mug choice is very important. With a wide-mouthed mug, you’re exposed to more of the coffee’s smell, which affects your experience of the taste.

In other words, if you’re chasing the perfect cup of coffee, it pays to invest in a nice, big mug. Even if you don’t drink big cups of coffee, it’ll taste better.


It takes time to get really good at brewing coffee. Folks practice for years and years before achieving the right texture and flavor.

The experimentation is the fun part, though. So grab your beans, fire up the coffee maker (or start boiling water), and head to the kitchen. No matter what the final product tastes like, you’re going to have a lot of fun making it!


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