A Quick Guide In Finding The Best Condo Deal

A Quick Guide In Finding The Best Condo Deal

The major cities in Canada attract lots of people making the condo market highly competitive. The demand for condos makes it overwhelming to find the best, but not impossible. New units are built to provide for the demand by the increasing population. With people looking for a place to live, it’s not surprising to find new condos in Kitchener in Ontario or Downton Ottawa springing up to accommodate them. If you find yourself condo hunting, here is our quick guide to help you find the best deals in the country.

Plan Your Budget

Before you make any commitment, know how much you can afford to spend. Having a budget gives you a head start in your search. It saves time when finding condos in Canada.  If you don’t have one, you will end up looking at beautiful homes you can’t afford. A budget will narrow your search, helping you choose the best condos you can afford.

What Do You Need?

Make a list of what you want in a condo. Ask yourself how many rooms you need. Do you want a condo with parking space, indoor pools, and a gym? Condos are popular for their amenities, but depending on your budget, you will need to prioritize your needs. You should decide if you need a state of the art kitchen, play park for kids or enough space to walk your dog.


Where do you want to buy your condo? Do you want to be with nature or do you want to live in the major towns? If you choose the towns, you will be closer to the supermarkets, cafés, clubs and recreational centers.

Get a Real Estate App

Real estate apps in Canada will make your search easier. With apps like Zoocasa and realtor.ca, you can have an idea of the prices of condos. These apps also let you know the competitive prices that condos are going to and you can monitor the market until you find the best deal. Some of these apps connect you to a realtor that can help you negotiate the best deal and let you save money.

Work with a Realtor

You save money when you hire a professional. A realtor will help you find the best deals when condo hunting. They will explain all the fees, and documents attached to the property. The realtor negotiates the price and helps you close the deal. You should find a realtor with experience in selling condos, and one that will have your interest at heart.

Review Association Fees

When buying condos, apart from your mortgage, you will need to pay maintenance fees for the upkeep of the building. Find out what services the fees cover. Maintenance could cover lawn and shrub care, driveways, and walkways, roofs, exterior siding, and security. It is also important to research the management company handling the condo. If they have a good reputation and are known to properly maintain the property, so it doesn’t fall into poor condition.

Hopefully, with this guide, you will have no problem finding the best deal for your condo. You will save money in the long run and find yourself owning a comfortable home of your choice. When you find a good condo at a great price, do not hesitate to close the deal. Condos do not stay long in the market especially in a busy place like Toronto.


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