Various mobile apps are designed to make you financial management easy. But seeing such a huge number of apps, the users get confused on which one to install.To solve this ambiguity, we have shortlisted some of the apps you must install on your phone for being tech savvy with managing your finances. So, without any further ado, let us see the apps that are designed to ease the trouble of financial management.


Savart is a mobile application which is designed to manage your wealth and help you invest into various stocks and mutual funds. Savart selectively picks up stocks and mutual funds through a combo of machine accuracy and human intelligence.

For every single buck that you put in with Savart is set for mutual funds and stocks which are handpicked by the algorithm and reassurance of the research team of The reassurance isn’t just the paper analysis, but also meeting in personal with the managements of listed companies, talking to dealers, suppliers and customers to find out the power of companies.

The makers of Savart believe in giving their best to the customers without making any compromise on the quality. All the data and information you store in Savart is used to create recommendations for you. But you need not worry, you data are completely safe and secure with Savart.

As far as the algorithm is concerned, it takes into consideration Quantative, qualitative as well as emotional parameters. The algorithm then fuses all of them with your EFG inputs in order to create a customised portfolio meant just for you.

Another plus feature of the Savart app is that you can start the investment with as low as 10 rupees. If you are new to the world of mutual funds and stocks, you can use Savart to gain some experience and knowledge about mutual funds and stocks. Savart is one of the smartest ways to make investments in a simple and accessible way. Apart from mutual funds and stocks, Savart also lets you invest in bonds and gold with zero paper work included.


The Walnut app is designed with an intention to manage your finances. Walnut automatically tracks your monthly spends in a safe and secure way. If you want to stay within budget, pay bills on time and save more money every month, you must install this application on your smart phone.

Walnut clearly indicates you about how much you have spent on food, shopping, or groceries. It will also tell you where you are spending too much of money and where you can cut down in order to save.

If you become a constant Walnut member, you will be eligible for the Walnut Prime whereby you can get instant line of credit for your purchases, large bills and any emergency.

The working of the Walnut app is very simple. It tracks your SMS inbox on your phone and detects crucial information like your spending, bills, and also your train and other tickets.

Some of the amazing features of the Walnut app are –

  • It gives you an insight of ‘What’, ‘How’ and ‘Where’ about the spending.
  • You can keep a check on your credit card dues so that you need not be shocked at the month end.
  • You can split the expenses with others.
  • Walnut supports around 40 banks and credit cards.
  • It locates nearby ATMs for you.


Mint is another popular online personal finance app for Intuit that gives a number of easy to use financial planning and tracking tools. Mint has got very helpful finance tools such as budgeting, tracking of transaction, categorization and reminders for bills.

Mint app sometimes become unusable for some because it lacks an account reconciliation feature. It gets updated time to time with new and useful features such as credit score tracking.

The various sections of the Mint app are overview, transactions, bills, budgets, goals, trends (reports), investments, and ways to save. You can make use of the overview tab to view balances and the most recent transactions for all accounts, upcoming bills, activity alerts, financial reminders, budget spending details, financial goals, and more.

Some of the notable features of the Mint app are:

  • It has got an easy to use interface for the ease of the users.
  • It has got flexible budgeting tools which help experiment with different situations.
  • It provides you with free credit score.
  • For account aggregation, it provides you bank level security.
  • It categorises the downloaded transactions.
  • You receive customizable financial reports


The splitwise mobile application is designed for the purpose of splitting the expenses between roommates and friends. It takes away the hassle of sharing the expenses – with friends, roommates or anyone else.

Splitwise does the mathematics for the user. They keep a running total over time, you can pay each other back in one payment rather than a bunch of small ones.

The splitwise app gives the user friendly email reminders. The user gets notified each time the rent check is due or a reminder when you forget to pay someone back.

Their experts can give you advice about how you should split the rent or at what point is a girlfriend a roommate? You can take part in their fairness research and get advice on common sharing problems.

Splitwise is designed in such a way to save you from the hassle of keeping the receipt after a party or dinner is over. The expenses get added as soon as they happen. You can share the bills and IOUs in a blink of an eye. Splitwise makes sure that each one is paid back for any extra amount paid by them.


The google pay app is a digital wallet and online payment system designed by google. It has got a tap to pay feature to allow purchases on mobile devices and enable the users to make payments with their android or iOS phone.

The google pay app makes use of NFC for transmitting card info facilitating the fund transfer to the retailer. It allows the user to upload cards in the google pay wallet and replace the card transaction at the point of sale.

This sounds somewhat like contactless payments but it has got two-step verification. Along with the physical authentication it also gets the benefit of fingerprint ID where available. In case there is no fingerprint on the device, it is activated with a passcode.


The google Sheets is a spreadsheet application offered by google within its google drive service.

The sheets are presented as a web app or a mobile app for Android, iOS and windows as well as blackberry and also a desktop application.

They are designed to create and edit spreadsheets online.

They can be easily shared and edited by many users simultaneously and allow the users to see character by character change.

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