What to Ask During Your Campus Visit

What to Ask During Your Campus Visit

Suppose you have received your SAT results and you have an excellent grade to join a university. It’s exciting. Since you’re about to enter the university that you dreamt about all your teenage life, you need to consider several factors.

It’s at this point where you watch a virtual video and convince yourself why the university is the best. For instance, if you qualify to join UCLA, it would help if you gather information about the school first. This will help you have a smooth landing because you’ll have all the information about the school.

For example, watch a video of UCLA dorms and check out the excellent amenities those dormitories have.

Alternatively, if you live in California, you can take a campus tour and get a first-hand experience of life as a student at UCLA.


Questions to Ask During a Campus Tour

  • What are the courses offered in the school?

It’s essential to confirm whether the university offers the course that you want to take. Look through the course list and find out how long each class takes before completion. Also, find out whether there is an alternative course that you can take.

  • What is the average school fee?

First, each student school fee differs based on various factors, including housing and course. So, an architecture student doesn’t pay the same price that a business student pays. However, you don’t have to ask about the tuition fee, but you should ask about the ucla dorms fee and cost of living. Remember, you have to put into account the cost of food and parking too.

Also, ask about the housing options available and what the rates are for each.

  • Where are the classes and are the equipment available?

If you’re taking a medicine class, you need a school that provides experimental equipment. So, check whether the school has the necessary stuff that will aid you in earning a good grade. Also, the use of the material will determine whether you’re ready for the job.

  • Do you charge a parking fee?

In some schools, a parking fee is not included in the school fee, and you’ll have to pay for that separately. However, other schools don’t charge a parking fee, but when you visit facilities like a dining hall; you have to pay a parking fee. So, if you have a car, don’t forget that in some places, you’ll be asked to pay a parking fee, which might not be included in your budget.

  • Amenities

Consider the amenities provided by the school. For example, if you want to reside in UCLA dorms, confirm the facilities that these dorms have. Amenities include the space of the room, closet, lighting, air conditioning, among other things.


If you live far from the university that you want to join, watch the videos on the school’s website. These videos show how life is on the streets of the campus; you’ll feel like you’re already there. Besides, with so many options, you can’t physically visit all the colleges. The FAQ section of the university page is also essential as it will provide you with the necessary answers.



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