Awesome Skins for Your Xfer Serum

Awesome Skins for Your Xfer Serum

Did your creative juices stop flowing? Do you need to get that music mojo back?

An excellent way to fuel that creativity is to have a new interface installed on your synthesizer.

Become inspired and feel alive again with the newest Xfer Serum Skins. Go crazy with changing your synthesizer’s color and theme. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic, upbeat, or whimsical, there are Xfer Serum Skins for you.

Xfer Serum is a wavetable synthesizer plugin created by Xfer Records. This most-used synth plugin features a visual and creative workflow-oriented interface. Changing skins, according to your mood, makes creating sounds an enjoyable experience.

To get you started, here are the steps on installing skins for your Xfer Serum.

  • First, make sure you have the latest update of the Serum software provided by Xfer Records.
  • To access the skins folder, find the following locations on your computer. This folder holds all your skins. When you open up Serum, they will be available.


For Windows:

Documents/Xfer Serum/Presets/Skins

For MacOS:

Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/Skins

  • Once you’re there, you will see one single folder titled, ‘Default.’ Be sure not to touch that folder.
  • Take note that the ‘Default’ folder is the original folder that will display the original Graphic User Interface or GUI.
  • When you’re installing these skins, each skin will have its folder that has similar assets within them.
  • There will be four assets for each skin.
  • 1) 1x: These are all digital assets at standard scaling when at 100%
  • 2 ) 2x: These are all digital assets at doubled scaling for anything above 100%
  • 3) Fonts: The included fonts with the skin
  • 4) colormap.png: This is the color map for LFO’s, envelopes, and other reactive modulations

Now that you know how to install, you may begin to choose the skin for your every mood.

1. Asteroid Skin – This funky and colorful skin is oozing with a retro vibe. So if you’re feeling nostalgic, this skin is perfect for you. This is recommended when your creating trap and nu-disco music.

2. Invader Skin – When you’re feeling edgy, and EDM is your thing, and then the Invader Skin is for you. The kick-ass design and intense colors will inspire you to create crazy reverb effects, nasty basses, and terrifying growls.

3. Unicorn Skin – This skin is a whimsical combination of pastel colors. This fresh design will inspire you to create new and fun beats.

4. Orchid Skin – If you’re into tribal sounds, bouncy EDMs, dubstep, and trap, this skin is for you. Summon the relaxed jungle vibe with this floral interface.

While Serum skins have nothing to do to alter the sound, they can provide you with an avalanche of inspiration and ideas. It can help you express the sound and vibe that you want to achieve. The collection of skins can help you achieve creative reign or entertain you, at the very least.

The best thing about it is you can change it anytime you want to. Additionally, being in charge is the most excellent feeling.



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