How to Become a Dating Pro

How to Become a Dating Pro

The thought of going on another date fills most people with a sense of dread, especially if you have been on more dates than you care to remember recently.

But we’re here to destroy that inner feeling of dread that makes you just want to stay in cosy ball on your sofa and binge the latest Netflix series, and turn you into an absolute dating pro.

That’s right, we’re going to give you top tips on how to kill it in the dating game and bring your A game every time.

Know yourself, before getting to know anyone else!

One of the main problems in the dating game right now is people don’t actually know what they want. This is usually down to not knowing ourselves that well and actually asking ourselves what’s important to me in a partner?

Are you looking for someone with similar interests, or someone that will challenge you. Are you looking to just have some harmless fun, or someone you can bring home to mum and dad?

Personality types are a whole different ball game – are you crazily loud and looking for someone to match you wackiness, or do you need someone to keep you grounded? Dating mag, Miingle, has this totally awesome blog on dating as an introvert, which I myself have deeply appreciated as a self-confessed intro.

Knowing yourself and what you really want can be the first step to dating the right person for you.

Don’t play games

One of the biggest turn-offs in today’s dating world is people playing games. The whole ‘I’m going to play hard to get and make them chase me a bit’ or ‘the wait three days before you reply rule’ is such an immature approach to dating and can turn into a real buzz-kill.

There is nothing worse than stringing people along, or playing the long-game for your own self-worth ego boost. If you really like someone, tell them. If you really enjoyed the date and want to do it again next week, text them.

There is no such thing as looking desperate or ‘too eager’ by being the first one to message or reach out after a date. If anything, it can turn the casual dating phase into a relationship much quicker!

Honesty is always the best policy

This kind of links in with the first two points I’ve already mentioned, but it is just reiterating the fact that being honest with yourself and others is the main key to unlocking the dating game.

It’s ok to say you’re not into someone, in fear of coming off rude. It’s just as ok to say you are into someone, in fear of coming off too eager. There is nothing worse than wasting your time and other people’s time because of fear of being ‘too honest.’

Just saying it how it is (without being rude or disrespectful obviously) is not only refreshing for those around you, but it unburdens you from any guilt or stress and allows you to date with a clear mind and more positive attitude in your quest of finding the one.


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