Title: Bedroom accessories Brands in Pakistan

Bedroom accessories Brands in Pakistan

When setting up your dream home it is important to lay down a solid outline of where you want staple furnishings to be placed. Once the bed frame and mattress, side tables, armchair or sofa set, wardrobe and chest of drawers are placed in the bedroom then browsing for the perfect accessories can be a smooth process.

Pakistan has a rich textile industry and ancient craftsmanship techniques that span generations and regions across the country. These talented artisans are working in remote areas and rural areas and provide their skills to fashion retail brands such as Khaadi and even high fashion designer brands like Zara Shahjehan.

A bedroom needs comfortable cushions, soft sofa throws, colourful carpets and placemats. These bring colour to the room and can be customised to the smallest detail to large statement pieces like a wall hanging decor. Lamps are another great way to brighten up the bedroom and add mood lighting that feels relaxing after a long day at work.

Buying the right carpets can be tricky, especially when looking for long-lasting options that don’t fade or become dull over time. Choosing a woven carpet is always a good deal as they are cost-effective and stain-resistant and do not collect dust as easily as loom based carpets. Bathroom mats are another important part of the bedroom as they help keep the bedroom free from wet stains and unwanted wet mess.

Custom made furniture is now more expensive to order than buying a pre-made coffee table, footrest or stool. Sapphire, Al Karam, Gul Ahmed, Chen One and Khaadi are focused on providing home solutions for their clients. Families can now shop for clothing, bed linen and home accessories all under one roof. Known as LifeStyle stores, they help save time and money by providing budget deal and regular sales on their products.

The older stores are Chen One, Ideas by Gul Ahmed and Al Karam that are local brands with a long history of providing excellent bed linen with a high thread count and Egyptian cotton variety. They have an elaborate selection of vases, candle holders, mirrors and fancy gold and silver trays for side tables and dressing tables. Their jewellery boxes and coat hangers are a great addition to the functionality of the bedroom.

For modern contemporary designs fused with ethnic aesthetics, Khaadi has been a leading name in providing its clients colourful, playful and fun designs that do not compromise on fine craftsmanship. Have a look to Khaadi Collection now. Their statement home accessories are instantly recognisable and have a distinct style. They have great placemats and cushions that have embroidery and handmade finishing.

The minimalist and sophisticated designs of Sapphire are new to the market, they have a unique collection of bed linen that stands out as different from other fashion brands. With a special focus on the bedroom’s for kids collection, they have beautiful bed sets for boys and girls. They have high-quality digital printing that gives their bedlinen designs durability and comfort.

These bedroom accessories are available in online shopping in internationally and across Pakistan, making it easy to renovate your bedroom without leaving the home.


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