Benefits of Quilts Made from Australian Wool

Benefits of Quilts Made from Australian Wool

Australia is the world’s smallest continent. However, the size of Australia makes it the sixth-largest country in the world. Because of the massive land size of Australia, different regions have different climates. Some of these regions are ideal for growing crops such as grapes which makes Australia one of the best wine producers in the world. Australia is also known to be one of the largest producers of wool, which captures twenty-five per cent of the world’s wool market. Finished products such as an australian wool quilt are highly sought-after because of their quality and the benefits that they provide. Here are the benefits of Australian wool.

Wool is Hypoallergenic. Wool is resistant to the growth of mould and mildew. Likewise, wool is also resistant to bacteria. Because of this, wool has minimal chances of triggering an allergic reaction.

Wool has Thermoregulating Properties. Wool is a very breathable fibre and can regulate temperatures. It can keep its users warm during the winter months while keeping them cool during the summer. This thermoregulating property will prevent you from getting disturbed in your sleep because of too much sweat. Australian wool quilts are an ideal sleep covering for those who experience night sweats.

Wool is Lightweight. Australian wool is lightweight. This property makes wool quilts more comfortable to use since they will not weigh you down when you are sleeping.

Wool repels Dust Mites. Dust mites will thrive on areas that have high moisture content. Wool has microscopic pores that respond to changes in humidity, creating an unfavourable environment for dust mites to breed and grow.

Wool is Anti-static. Wool does not generate static electricity which can attract lint, dust, and dirt. This quality of wool makes it easier to clean. If you have an australian wool quilt, you can easily keep it clean by airing it regularly. If your quilt becomes dirty, your wool quilts can be machine washed and dry cleaned.

Wool is Flame Resistant. Wool is resistant to flames. The natural grease known as lanolin found in wool retains moisture and is not easily flammable. Wool also offers a higher level of fire safety and can be used as covers in case of house fires. Wool will not melt or stick to the skin if it catches on fire. Likewise, wool does not produce toxic fumes.

Wool is Renewable. Wool is a renewable product, as sheep produce fleece yearly. In Australia, there is a strict policy on sheep shearing, which follows that a sheep may only be shorn once each year. Although shearing of wool from the sheep does not harm the animal, the limitation on the number of shearing per year will prevent the sheep from getting stressed. Australian wool-growers schedule their shearing during warm summer months which is the period when sheep will not need the extra coverage on their body.

Highest Quality. Australian wool producers have perfected how they raise and grow their sheep. The proper raising of the sheep will reflect on the quality of the wool they produce. Australian wool-growers implement the best practices from shearing and wool handling, which results in high-quality wool clips as well as the good health and wellbeing of both the sheep and the wool worker.

There is a reason why an australian wool quilt is one of the most sought-after sleep coverings around the world. Purchase one to find out.


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