Benefits of Vitamin K2: Why You Should Take This Supplement

Benefits of Vitamin K2: Why You Should Take This Supplement

Some individuals may not be familiar with vitamin K2. They may have heard it from people dealing with bones and heart problems. There’s nothing to worry about if you’re one of those who have no clue what this type of vitamin is. It is rare in the Western diet and has yet to gain popularity compared to other nutrients. But for those who order Vitamin K2 online, they may have already witnessed its numerous health benefits.

Vitamin K is an essential element in blood coagulation or also known as blood clotting. The dentist discovered that Vitamin K is present in non-industrial diets and can prevent someone from having tooth decay problems and chronic diseases.

There are different forms of this vitamin; some are present in green leafy food called Vitamin K1, while some are present in animal and fermented food called Vitamin K2.

Treat Heart Diseases

The formation of calcium in the arteries can cause heart disease. Hence, any element that can limit the calcium build-up can stop serious heart illness from happening. Medical experts believe that individuals who order Vitamin k2 online realize that this supplement can effectively reduce such risk.

One of the main elements found in that supplement is Vitamin K, which can control the arteries’ calcium accumulation. Based on conducted studies, individuals with the most Vitamin K2 intake are far less likely to get artery calcification and have a lower risk of experiencing severe heart ailment.

Improve Bone Health

Osteoporosis is a common bone issue in older women and can cause fractures. Women who order Vitamin k2 online will indeed have a lesser risk of getting bone breakage since Vitamin K2 is a crucial element in calcium metabolism. It can also protect their teeth from having decay issues.

The calcium-binding process is activated by Vitamin K2, which improves bone health and its formation. Women who are already in their menopause age and consistently take Vitamin K2 supplements to slow down the bone mineral density process.

Treat Dental Problem

According to health experts, Vitamin K2 also can treat dental problems and improve their health. In one of the animal testing, since such vitamins have a huge role in bone metabolism, it is rational to believe that it can also affect dental health.

The osteocalcin, a protein that regulates dental health, is also essential in bone metabolism and can be activated by Vitamin K2. This protein initiates a mechanism that develops the growth of new dentin.

Combat Cancer

Cancer is prevalent worldwide. Despite the surge of modern medicine, cancer cases continue to rise. Some studies have proved that Vitamin K2 can reduce liver cancer recurrence and improve the survival rate. When patients order Vitamin k2 online, they don’t just treat their bone or dental health; they may probably use it for liver medication.

Also, there was a research performed on the efficacy of Vitamin K2 intake to prostate cancer patients. Results presented that individuals with the highest intake have a lower risk of developing advanced prostate cancer.

Other Sources Of Vitamin K2

Aside from over-the-counter supplements, Vitamin K2 is present in certain fermented and animal foods. Animals with the highest source are grass-fed cows; other foods include egg yolks, liver, and other meat organs.

For stronger effects, medical professionals recommend taking Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D. These two nutrients have a more substantial impact on a person’s health when taken simultaneously.


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