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Best Features Of Taylormade M2 Irons

Many golfers may deliberate whether they should switch to M2 or M2 tour iron, then hopefully, the following features can help them make up their mind.


The TaylorMade iron offers a cleaner look when it comes to game-improving irons. It features a thicker topline and has a longer blade than most other irons, and the darker finish gives it a compacted look. The M2 tour iron is more streamlined. The topline is slimmer, and the blade shorter with fewer offset. The dark finish provides the iron with a sleek look, and the M1 tour resembles a player’s club more than the game-improvement iron.


The TaylorMade M2 tour and M2 irons have noticeably different feels. When using the M1, you’ll experience a discernible click both in terms of feel and sound on just about every strike. The click isn’t loud, distracting, or harsh, only consistent and noticeable. With an M2 tour, there is a more subdued feel and sound with solidly struck shots. With an off-center hit, however, the slight click, which was distinct from the M2, is more noticeably. For more information on these products, you can check out this Taylormade M2 iron review.


TaylorMade promised the M2 irons to launch high and keep going, and that proofed to be true. The ball is launched effortlessly, even with long or mid-irons. Even during a 10-12MPH wind, the ball flight can remain stable. Iron distances are also longer than what most golfers are used to in their present sets. With the M2, it’s not easy to know the ball down or curve it since the ball is flying high, long, and straight. The M2 tour is also remarkable in terms of the ease in which the ball can be launched high, and similarly to the M2, the distance is also noticeable as well as the forgiveness of the club. An off-center knock is more natural to perceive when it comes to the feel of the M2 tour; however, the overall result hardly suffered much, or not at all. However, it’s easier to hit a knockdown shot with the M2 tour as well as draws and fades.


TaylorMade has ticked all the right boxes with the M2 and M2 tour irons. These irons are incredibly player-friendly and boast a more fun game for golfers, including those who aren’t high-handicap players. It is your choice to select which model might fit your needs the best. Whether you’re a seasoned player or are just starting and need a little extra assistance in getting the distance and height with your iron, the M2 is a prime consideration. Besides the functionality, the forgiveness that these iron models offer is impressive, and the aesthetics haven’t been entirely sacrificed to provide performance. In retrospect, the M2 tour is a club that can be a useful club for many players of varying profiles. For a high-handicap player who loves a clean look, he can still benefit from the technical features that the M2 tour offers, while the lower or mid-handicap players will benefit more from the forgiveness that these irons offer without sacrificing the feel, workability or look.


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