9 Best Lightweight Android Emulators 2019

9 Best Lightweight Android Emulators 2019

Now a days most of the people looking for Light weight android emulators. Developers and testers require an android emulator to verify Apps and its functioning very often. And it is necessary to choose a best light weight Android Emulators in 2019. A light weight android emulator is the one which runs smoothly irrespective of the size of the App. Android emulators need not necessarily be used only by App developers. If you want to use an android app on your windows, or mac, then you need an android emulator to achieve it. Also, an iOS user needs an android emulator to run various Android apps. Android emulators can be for developers’ use like the android studio or personal use like bluestacks. Here is a list of best light weight android emulators 2019.


1.Nox App player

Most of the Android Apps do not have a desktop version. But many gamers want to play it on the big screen. And hence there comes this Nox App player. It is particularly designed for Android games to be played on windows. Moreover, no app player supports external gaming devices like the controller or gamepads. 

The minimum requirements of nox app player are :
  • AMD-vt or Intel VT-x capable CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1GB Free Disk Space
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphic Card.


It is one of the most common light weight android emulators. It lets you use all your android apps on your windows like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. If you have an android with a lesser android version, you may switch to bluestacks as it will give you better performance and would definitely be faster. Not a very light weight but bluestacks is an excellent choice when fast and smooth functioning is your prime need. The minimum requirement for bluestacks is obviously more than the nox app player.


GenyMotion is a propelled Android emulator for PC and may generally be orchestrated as an excellent option to Bluestacks. It mainly has prime highlights like OpenGL and equipment increasing speed support. It primarily depends on the x86 engineering, in this manner GenyMotion in every way that really matters is quicker than BlueStacks. In case you’re searching for the essentially full Android experience on especially your work area of PC, you truly can’t generally turn out badly with any of the android emulators mentioned previously.

4.Andy Android

Andy Android Emulator has a ton of highlights as an additionally preferred standpoint, which is genuinely critical. With the back help of kind of different engineers, it does something amazing when you can utilize either WhatsApp, Viber or any other application nearby playing any amusement that you like in a for the most part huge way. The balls only generally continue rolling together, or so they thought. You can likewise utilize your portable as one controller to get to all the applications in it while playing a diversion on in every way that really matters your work area, as opposed to mainstream thinking.

The minimum requirement for Andy Android are:  
  • 0GB Free Disk Space,
  • Windows 7 and 8 – x86 or x64
  • AMD or Intel Dual-Core CPU that supports Virtualization Technology
  • 3GB RAM
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 capable video card.


5.Android x86 – VMware/VirtualBox

The Android port for the x86 stage can mostly be for all intents and purposes set up utilizing devices like VMware or VirtualBox. Additionally, you can introduce these pictures on your PC as a particularly independent Operating System or definitely double boot alongside Windows/Linux, which literally is reasonably significant. The most recent discharge depends on Android Oreo; however, whenever intrigued you can leave back to Android Ice Cream Sandwich also in a subtle way. 

Android-x86 Requirements:
  • Intel x86 or AMD processors
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Tested Computer or PC.


Manymo fundamentally is the lightweight in-program emulator works the best for engineers as it empowers them to test their applications on various android forms without having those gadgets. This emulator especially keeps running with commonly high – speed along these lines giving better involvement, as opposed to prevalent thinking. Manymo is compatible with all devices, even with the lesser windows version.


KoPlayer is commonly another Android emulator available for PC. Additionally, it has made sense of how to fly under most radars starting not very far in the past. Its guideline focus is for gaming. You will almost certainly use key mapping to duplicate a controller with your comfort. Players will moreover have the capacity to record gameplay and exchange it wherever they need. The present methodology is adequately immediate, and it appears to work OK. Like most emulators, KoPlayer will have problems that you’ll continue running into erratically. It charges itself as a broadly engaging emulator.



If you are hoping to imitate Android on PC, at that point, YouWav basically is the best decision for windows. This sort of emulator has basically got notoriety in minimal ability to focus time as a result of its easy to understand commonly simple interfaces. Expansion of some extremely extraordinary highlights and similarity for all forms of windows sort of make it fundamentally the best android emulator for pc the others referenced here.” , exceptionally in spite of prevalent thinking.

9.Remix OS player

Remix OS Player is a name that techies, developers and programming people must know it. It has that much impact and invasion in the market that the individuals who would prefer not to decide on exorbitant research basically get Remix. This is the reason it has turned into a simple yet similarly effective possibility for supplanting the impact of Bluestacks.

Remix OS Player is the best Android Emulator for high design PC, it wouldn’t be right. It is the most refreshed player in the market, which has the power and the capacity to run Android Apps effectively on a PC.



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