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Best Selfie Apps for Android in 2019

Everywhere you look, someone is taking a selfie. Every social media page you go in is full of them, but it seems that we want more out of our selfies. We want our faces to look perfect, we want to add cartoon effects, and we want to share them with others. For those on the Android platform, we’ve found several apps that offer a great way to edit and spice up your selfies.

Top 10 Android Selfie Apps:

While there are loads of selfie apps on the Play Store, not all of them offer a decent range of features. We looked through and found these apps. We tested them all and can confirm they all do what they say, and they are all safe to use.

Facetune 2 – Free with in-app purchases

Facetune 2 is one of the top-rated apps offering a way of correcting anything you see as a facial flaw. There are plenty of retouching tools, teeth whitening, face re-shaping, you can even add makeup. There are tools for changing the light, eliminating glare and shadows, controlling color, and more. With new features added regularly, you can be sure that Facetune 2 will always offer you the features you want.

Retrica – free with in-app purchases

This is not just a selfie editor app; it is a social media network too. There are over 100 filters that you can try before the shot is taken, a collage features, live videos, even GIFs. You can add timestamps, doodles, stickers, and messages to your selfies, and you can connect with other selfie fans via the in-app feed. Images can be shared on any social network or via private message.

AirBrush – free with in-app purchases

AirBrush is an incredibly easy app to use, offering you plenty of options for the perfect image. Remove blemishes, change your skin tone, and tweak every feature of your face individually and add makeup to give you a glittering, Hollywood look.

Cymera – free with in-app purchases

Cymera is another app with a difference. Not only can you change your face, but you can also change your presentation too. There are more than 130 effects and filters for smoothing your face, fixing your hair, adding makeup, shaping your body, and more. The app also has seven camera lenses, such as fisheye, divided, Lomo, and others. There are a silent mode and plenty of stickers, effects, blurred backgrounds, and collage grids that you can make use of.

SelfieCity – free with in-app purchases

SelfieCity offers you a choice of city filters to add to your pictures. Each of the cities – Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Paris, and Formosa – offer their own selection of filters that reflect the area and character of the city, giving your selfies an identity. There are also a ton of other features, such as Collage, which lets you combine 16 images, double exposure, live AR, vignette, blur, and even a feature that mimics the Live photos Apple offers. Facial recognition is used to make suggestions on enhancements to your face, offering a unique and intriguing app experience.

A Color Story – free with in-app purchases

This isn’t just another selfie app filled with filters. A Color Story offers some professional editing tools for videos and photos that help you improve the overall look before you even start thinking about faces. There are over 300 filters, more than ten different effects, and plenty of advanced tools. The filters enhance the colors in your images, and there are loads of layers and blend modes that you can use to provide your selfie with an artistic flair. Also included are batch editing, planning, and Instagram Grid preview features.

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YouCam Perfect – free with in-app purchases

YouCam Perfect offers you true perfection in your selfies. You can shot stills, and video selfies, and an automatic beauty feature will get to work on enhancing how you look while you shoot. Skin flaws and blemishes are gone, puffy eyes slimmed down, and large eyes are enhanced. Multi-facial detection enhances all faces in a group selfie, and you can use a ton of other features – stickers, collages, backgrounds, and frames. And there is also the option to slim down, lengthen your legs and look taller in full-body portraits.

Perfect365 – Free with in-app purchases

When you need to look perfect, Perfect365 comes to the rescue. A virtual makeup app, there are more than 20 beauty and makeup tools, looks, and presets, including a pro-color palette that allows full experimentation. You can also find beauty advice and tips, video tutorials, makeup tips, and choose from subtle or full-on enhancement. Perfect365 users facial detection for a more natural look and each effect is controlled via a slider. And there are plenty of templates inspired by celebrities that you can try.

Snapchat – free, ad-supported

In essence, Snapchat is a messaging app, but it also offers a cool way of taking and sharing selfies. The app opens in your camera, so snapping a selfie is dead simple but, before you share it, you can add loads of effects. Those include text overlays, lenses, filters, even Bitmoji, and then send them to your friends or family. You can even have your selfies disappear after a set time. You can also share your selfies to Facebook or Instagram.

Camera360 – Free with in-app purchases

Camera 360 allows you full experimentation with AR, animated frames, costumes and themes, anima-face stickers, and even sound effects. Aside from that, you have the usual tools, such as cropping, color, temperature, sharpness, and a range of beautifying tools – add makeup, remove blemishes, plump your lips, sharpen your cheekbones, and much, much more. There are special effects, more than 100 classic filters, live filters, HDR, double exposure, and more cool features.

There you have it – 10 of the best selfie apps available on the Google Play Store right now. There is sure to be one in this list that offers the features you want to give your selfies a boost.


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