The Best Smartphone Apps for Recovery

The Best Smartphone Apps for Recovery

With the rise of the Internet, the need to seek information, support and guidance from smartphone devices has increased too. Engaging on social media platforms and activities, social interactions, and online sessions have become effective ways to gain information and reform lives. Hence, people suffering from addiction have affordable and convenient options for recovery as smartphone apps are being developed to offer customized support and guidance for avoiding relapses and triggers, and stay motivated.

Alongside medications, treatments, and detoxification programs, smartphone apps can be helpful in finding support groups, mindfulness tips and exercises, and extended support for recovery assistance. Mobile apps developed to assist patients in complicated issues like drug/alcohol addiction can be beneficial in offering the tailored assistance and social support that addicts require. The experts at Asana Recovery Center recommend mobile apps (based on reliability, convenience, and content) for patients recovering from short and long-term addiction.

Sober Grid

Sober Grip is a popular free app for social support groups and helps patients going through recovery to connect with peers within their location. You can connect with others dealing with similar problems near to your location, increasing the effectiveness of this mobile app in terms of its reach and connectivity. Patients have the chance to build a sober network of peers, exchange information, and share experiences while recovering.

Pear reSET

As the first mobile technology application approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Pear reSET offers specialized recovery programs and treatment options to addicts. Depending on the severity of drug/alcohol abuse, the smartphone offers 12-week programs, interactive video sessions, online quizzes, and more to help patients seek information and guidance during the recovery process. Pear reSET is available for free to users above the age of 17 years.

Sober Tool

Sober Tool is one of the most interesting and unique apps available to help drug and alcohol addicts. The app contains features that can help addicts avoid relapses, withdrawal symptoms and triggers. Motivational messages are usual reminders to keep patients inspire and on-track through their recovery process. Sober Tool also has a search engine using which patients can seek guidance and information regarding addiction and recovery. Other features of this app include chat rooms, quizzes, games, and tools to avoid relapse.

Nomo- Sobriety Clocks

Sobriety Clocks is an easy-to-use app with a simple motive, i.e. to help addicts through triggers by allowing them to keep track of sober hours. The app serves more as a coaching platform where patients can check their progress into sobriety, and share that progress with their doctors, family members, friends, coaches, and counselors. The app is available for free and offers great convenience and encouragement to addicts undergoing recovery and those supporting patients going through recovery.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is a Paid app available on iOS and Android. One of the reasons behind the app being paid is because of the powerful and effective mindfulness strategies it offers to help addicts with a smoother recovery. Mindfulness can be one of the most beneficial tools during detoxification and addiction recovery. The app offers soothing sounds that mimic nature, calming tunes and visualizations, and helps connect the mind and soul with natural elements for a more meditative experience.


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