Biggest slot jackpot wins in 2019

Biggest slot jackpot wins in 2019

What do you think the ultimate reason why so many people love to gamble in the year 2020 is? Aside from the outrageous amount of fun that people can have to play Dream Jackpot games such as online slots, live casino, video poker, or classic casino table games, there is always one main reason why people play these games, and that is in order to win a huge load of cash!

There shouldn’t really be any kind of surprise there either, because who could say no to the chance of winning a huge jackpot these days? The great thing about the online slots boom of the last two decades is that, with more gamblers actively spinning those reels, there is more and more money available to give out as prize money by online casino sites and developers. This is easy to see if you look at the biggest slot jackpot wins in 2019, for example, so without further ado let’s get into it.

$3.65 million

In September 2019 an anonymous gambler won a crazy $3.65 million on NetEnt’s iconic progressive jackpot slot Mega Fortune, something that has surely changed this man or woman’s life for the better. The win was made on Gate777 Casino, a site operated by the renowned White Hat Gaming.

We do not know much about this anonymous gambler, although they were a regular player on this casino site, and probably had the progressive jackpot offered by games such as Mega Fortune on their mind from the start.

$4.92 million

If you thought 3.65 million dollars was going to be the biggest prize awarded in the whole of 2019 you can think again, because one lucky Scandinavian woman won a whooping $4.92 million in March, courtesy of another NetEnt classic Mega Fortune Dreams.

With age comes great wisdom, or at least in this case, because the lucky recipient of this jackpot was 65 years old! To top things off she won that amount off of a stake of €4, we wonder whether she ever thought that she’d be included in a biggest slot jackpot wins of 2019 list.

$5.52 million

In February an aspiring chef from Newcastle was playing the celebrated slot Mars Attack, off of his phone no less, and ended up winning an extraordinary $5.52 million. Legend has it that the man turned his phone off when the jackpot hit one million because he could not take the suspense anymore, and then on arriving home he found that he had won $5.52 million – what a shock!

This is what he said when asked how he wanted to spend the money, “My sister is a single parent in New Zealand with three kids, so I’m delighted because this means I will be able to help her out. I also have three brothers, my parents, and a few aunts and uncles, too”. What a lovely chap, eh? And it also shows how much online slot developers and online casinos can help people when luck goes in their fortune.


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