Cannabis Terpenes Join CBD as One of the Next Big Hit

Cannabis Terpenes Join CBD as One of the Next Big Hit

These last few years, all that people talk about are THC and CBD, the two main compounds found in marijuana. Truth be told, that’s actually expected. With studies being published one after another, people are bound to be interested in what they have to offer.

However, new research suggests that there’s actually something better than those two- terpenes.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are technically a type of aromatic oil produced by plants, like citrus fruits and pine woods. They can be found in cannabis, too.

Cannabis terpenes are created in the plants’ trichomes. They are the glands responsible for the production of cannabinoid, particularly CBD and THC.

There are different types of cannabis terpenes but the most popular of them are myrcene, linalool, camphene, and terpinolene. Each of those terpenes has distinct features.

For example, a certain terpene can produce a unique aroma which makes a person either feel energetic or relaxed. It adds flavor or smell to the plant, causing a person to feel more drawn towards it.

Terpenes, however, are more known for their therapeutic properties or the entourage effect they produce. This effect refers to the idea that terpenes and cannabinoids are supposed to work together to produce that desired effect.

Terpenes also enable THC to get into the brain faster, causing a more intense result. The more terpenes you have in your body, the more serotonin and dopamine there will be.

Apart from that, terpenes also have lots of benefits when it comes to medicine. In fact, it can be used in the treatments of pain, depression, cancer, and specific types of infection.

The Expected Demand for Terpenes

Considering all of the benefits terpenes have to offer, it’s expected that the industry will start to pay more attention to them. They’ll think of the best methods to increase their levels in the cannabis plants.

For that, businesses that aim to enter this market should be prepared as it’s bound to require several strategies. For one, it’s based on genetics. There are specific cannabis species that naturally contain high levels of terpenes.

Plus, the environment will matter, too. The plants need to be in soil rich in nutrients. There must be sufficient UV light and proper monitoring of both humidity and temperature is a must.

In addition to those things, the final product must also be properly dried, cured, and stored to ensure quality.

Final Thoughts

Considering all those things, just like the market of CBD, the competition for producing high-quality and effective terpenes is bound to be tight. If you’re new to it, make sure that you are completely aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Whether you are planning to join the industry as a marketer or a consumer, you have to be fully informed.

Terpenes are starting to get more recognized so you shouldn’t have a hard time doing your research and studying everything about it. Here’s a great site you can start with.


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