Care Maintenance for Gel Blasters

Care Maintenance for Gel Blasters

Gel blasters, also known as gel shooters, gel ball shooters, or gel guns, are toy imitations that shoot gel balls. In Australia, they are known as gel ball blasters or gel blasters. Gel balls are water-absorbent polymers that are more fragile and delicate than pellets used in airsoft. It has a gearbox that contains a pump and piston. The piston uses low pressure to prevent shattering gel balls. Playing gel blasters can provide physical, mental, and social benefits.

Using a new TacToys gel blaster is not a daunting job. You need to soak the gel balls in the bottle for about four hours until full. Gel blasters work by compressing air into the piston tube. This, in return, provides it with enough force or energy to fire the balls. While the size of the balls ranges from 6 to 15 mm, typical balls have a size of 7 to 8 mm. Once you ensure everything is perfect, reload the gun and shoot. Nonetheless, how do you take care of gel blaster to prevent breakages and promote optimum performance?

Care and Maintenance

Care, maintenance, and handling gel blaster are crucial if you possess these toy guns. Good care enables you to avoid injuring yourself and others. Also, proper maintenance extends your gel blasters’ lifespan and prevents damage, ensuring it remains pristine for a long time. The recommended age of users is 14 years and above.

Before you begin using gel blaster, it is imperative that you ensure everything is working correctly. This means that the gear parts, accessories, and gears should be in the right place. Also, ensure the battery is charged, and you have the right ammo size.

Keep Your Toy Away From Water and Moisture

It is vital that you keep gel blaster from rain. Moisture affects the performance of gel blaster, ultimately damaging its normal function.

Empty the Mag

Avoid filling gel blasters with gel balls when you are not using your toy gun. Gel balls tend to shrink over time when left in the mag for a long time.

Avoid Blocking the Barrel

Do not block the gun barrel when you shoot. Blocking the barrel breaks down the gel balls hence filling the barrel outlet with residue. This will adversely affect its performance in the long run. Besides, the reaction force damages the barrel.

If you are using automatic pistols, avoid pulling the slide manually. The slide of an automatic gel blaster is designed to move backward and forward with every shot. Pulling the slide manually is not in tandem with the working mechanism of an automatic gun.

Gel balls should be moist and dry. Dripping balls take water into the tube and other gear parts, causing massive damage and poor performance.

Taking Care of the Battery

It is imperative that you take care of the battery to ensure it continues operating for a long time. Avoid overcharging or leaving the batteries unattended. The battery takes 2 hours to charge fully. It would be best if you also stored the batteries that are not in use in a safe bag. In addition, detach the battery from the gun when not in use. If you are using a fresh new gel blaster, ensure you charge it fully first.

If you are planning to replace the battery, ensure the blaster is compatible with the new one. Blasters that are not compatible with upgraded 11.1v batteries are susceptible to circuiting and damaging the motherboard.

Ensure the toy is gel ball free before storing it. Partner supervision is requisite when using blasters. Do not forget to wear protective clothing.

Take Good Care of Your Gel Blaster

Gel blasters are exciting toys, and you should take care when handling them. Pistol shots feel like a pinch and leave a temporary mark. Rifle shot, on the other hand, has stinging pain. When using these guns, it is recommended that you use goggles, a mask, and a tactical vest. While gel blasters are toys, you should treat them like real guns. This means that you should not assume it’s safe to brandish them in public. A gel sitting in the chamber can accidentally injure the eyes.

The bottom line is that you should take care of the gel blaster to maintain optimum performance and observe safety measures to prevent injuries.

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