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Net Neutrality's Possible Comeback in 2021

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, now acting chairwoman, has been outspoken for its support for net neutrality. During the term of former President Donald Trump, net neutrality was completely abolished. President Joe Biden’s appointment of Commissioner Rosenworcel may be a strong signal that he is planning to restore net neutrality. But first, what is net neutrality? …

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10 Tips For A Properly Working Outboard Motor in 2021

A properly functioning outboard motor increases the fun on the water. Nothing more annoying than starting problems or sudden engine failure. In this blog you will read useful tips and information about how to keep your outboard motor in the best condition. The most common problems are addressed. Which gasoline for an outboard motor? Euro …

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Best Online Film and TV Streaming Services in 2020

2020 has been a very strange year for many, mainly because of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and therefore many have been in “lockdown” and been unable to get up to their usual hobbies due to the social distancing rules. Due to this, many online services have benefitted from these due to more people …

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Learning Your Very First Instrument: Factors to Keep in Mind

There is something cathartic about slowly but surely learning the ropes when it comes to your favored instruments. It helps you express the soul in ways that other methods do not match, and it is something that just about everyone has considered at least once in their life. A musical instrument has the capacity to …

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8 Benefits of Playing the Electric Guitar

There are several different types of guitars you can choose to use, but one of the hardest choices an experienced guitar player is always faced with is whether he/she should pick the acoustic or electric. Although acoustic guitars have advantages, electric guitars are mostly preferred by many musicians. In this article, we will discuss eight …

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Smile In The Midst Of Crisis: 5 Benefits of Watching Movies Through Streaming Apps During Home Quarantine

The world is now facing a pandemic disease that affects thousands of families. With no found cure, thousands of infected people died. The number of cases increasingly grows, causing the government to decide on putting each home into temporary lockdown until there is an evident decrease in the number of cases. People being on lockdown …

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