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How to Keep Stress at Bay When Organising an Event

It can be a lot of fun to consider just how much of an impact you can make by organising an event for you and your friends. The larger the event, the higher the stakes – and the more exciting things can be. However, event organisation is often considered a high-stress responsibility due to the …

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Celebrating with Unique Party Themes

A party or event is always extra special when it carries a particular theme. Everyone can get into the spirit of things, enjoy dressing up, and add their own unique take on how to be a complete part of your motif. When you are planning to have a celebration or event, you can start finding …

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6 Reasons Why Backdrop Lighting Is Important In An Event

Lighting is such an essential part of any event, however, it is an aspect that is often overlooked, forgotten about, or neglected. When it comes to hosting a successful event, lighting is key and should be one of the first elements that are considered during the organizing stages. One of the best and most effective …

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3 Highly-Effective Tips For Launching A Company Event

Planning an event can be one of the most daunting tasks in the office. It requires you to come up with a killer concept then execute it once your boss approved your proposal. If your company has no designated event team to help you with the task, you have no other choice but to do …

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