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  • Laptop in Satchel

    Laptop in Satchel

    What does a laptop that fits in a Satchel look like? You’ll think that it must be thin, light and Portable. You can take it anywhere without pressure. The HONOR MagicBook Pro is one such laptop. It is of great value and practical portability. Hope this HONOR MagicBook Pro review will give some help to…

  • Tips for Buying PC Speakers

    Tips for Buying PC Speakers

    We use our computers these days for more then basic web surfing and typing. Many people watch movies, play video games, and listen to music on their computers. Audio cards and speaker systems for computers have become more sophisticated and offer better audio quality then built in speakers. Consider these tips before purchasing speakers for…

  • How long does it take to reset a PC?

    How long does it take to reset a PC?

    Resetting a PC has 3 different meaning and reasons. First is deleting absolutely everything from your PC. Second is just deleting all your files and information but keeping the operating system installed. The third is just deleting the operating system but keeping your files and information. We are going to tell you about the first…