CBD Oil VS Hemp Oil (Seed) – Medicinal Uses

CBD Oil VS Hemp Oil (Seed) – Medicinal Uses

In this article, we are going to explain the difference between hemp oil and CPD oil in a simple way. You are probably reading this because you are thinking of using cannabis as a medicinal source, as you might have seen in the news, cannabis has been shown to benefit pain, epilepsy, anxiety, lots of medical conditions and you are probably thinking of using it for such conditions. So, the first thing you need to understand is what does CBD stand for? CBD is basically a short abbreviation for something called cannabinoid.

The cannabinoid is the ingredient in cannabis that is reported to have all these medicinal benefits. So if you want to use cannabis for medicinal purposes you really want something high in cannabinoids. You get these cannabinoids from the bark, the flowers, and the leaves of the cannabis plants. The really good thing about cannabinoids is that you get all the medicinal benefits but it’s not a psychoactive ingredient that means it does not cause any mood changes. So typically when people smoke cannabis from god’s green crack or use it for recreational purposes they get all these mood changes. Some people become more a kind of hysterical some people become more relaxed you don’t get any of these mood changes with CBD; it’s just the medicinal benefits that you get.

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So if you are thinking of using cannabis for medicinal purposes you want to be going for the CBD oil  Ireland because that is the one that is going to be high in CBD or cannabinoids which is the ingredients that you need to get all these medicinal benefits. On the other hand, hemp oil comes from the seeds of the cannabis plant and it low in CBD. You might think why would anyone buy a product that is low in CBD? The reason is that even though it’s low in CBD it has loads of other benefits-health benefits is high in you know really good fatty acids. It’s really good for general health people looking to use the cannabis for just general health and not for the kind of to treat specific diseases then they really should go for the hemp oil. But if you are looking to use cannabis for medicinal purposes then you need to go for the CBD oil instead of steroids Canada.

Something really important to mention is that the good brands of CBD oil, the people who make the best brands of CBD oil, they breed-specific strains or types of the cannabis plant to have very high levels of CBD. Because we know that CPD is the kind of source of other medicinal benefits of cannabis. It makes sense to breed or to select strains or types of the cannabis plant that has the highest CBD. Rubbish manufacturers just take any old type of the cannabis plant and they just extract the CBD and supply it to us. So you need to buy it from reliable online dispensary like weedsmart.


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