How to choose the best Nike running shoes

How to choose the best Nike running shoes

An athlete or any individual, who is into outdoor activities like running,would surely want to put on the best shoes designed for his needs. When you know that you are wearing the right pair of shoe, this will boost your confidence and determination to work harder to reach your athletic goals. Well, in line with this is the brand of shoes that you would surely be proud of. And then, when it comes to brands, most individuals prefer to choose the best Nike running shoes not only because it is popular, but due to the fact that it is known to have high quality.

Indeed, this is the type of shoes that everybody has talked about. A lot of individuals are even waiting for new models and limited editions to be released. This only shows that the brand is a choice of the mass. Indeed, it is not just the runners, who are after this brand. Actually, it is everybody’s wish to have a pair of Nike shoe. Let’s say that you can always pick anything from the brand, but that is you do not have issues or conditions when it comes to your foot.

Anyway, we all know that this brand is the best and always in demand. However, you should not just buy any design, especially if it is not suited for your running needs. You have just chosen a good brand here. However, this basis is not enough when choosing the best shoes. That’s why we have here a few tips for you to consider and take note before making a purchase.


If you have an overpronation condition, I suggest you to choose a pair of running shoe that is designed with stability. When the foot rolls when you are running and tends to slightly go inwards, then it means that it your foot is overpronated. Therefore, make sure to wear shoes that would make your foot stable as you run.



When it comes to individuals with foot conditions like supination, you will have to choose the ones that are flexible. It’s because your foot tends to roll outwards when you move side-to-side as you start running. This foot condition means that you lack flexibility, which makes it difficult for your feet to land on the ground. To prevent you from experiencing injuries and ankle sprains, it would be ideal for you to choose a model that is designed with flexibility as well as high cushioning to keep your feet protected.

Motion control

Sometimes, you might not want to choose a heavy shoe because this might affect your running performance. However, motion control is also a factor that you must consider. With these shoes, there is better cushioning as well as extra support. Actually, this is a good option, especially when you have a flat foot.


It would be best to determine the surface of the ground, where you are going to run. Most of the Nike shoes are actually designed to be used for running on a road surface. You may also wear the shoes for your daily trainings or workout. Indeed, it is an ideal shoe for athletes, who usually go for the marathon as well as running-related events. Nike shoes are preferred because it is specifically designed with flexibility, lightweight, water-repellant as well as responsiveness features.

When you need to use this pair of shoes on a trail, you will then need to choose the models with more protection and traction. Be aware that it would be heavier than usual models and bulkier, too. But this is the best and the safest option for trail surfaces because it is indeed more durable than the ones built for road surfaces.


Be very sure that you know your size and do not dare to buy and wear a pair that does not even fit you well. Nike models are available in different sizes, so you have all the options to choose from. You just need to pick and fit it. Now, if you think that it is too big nor short, then you better find another size.


You are surely aware that when it comes to brands, Nike is known to be expensive. You may go to different shops all over the world and they are really expensive compared to other brands. Well, this is a fact that you cannot deny.

Now, if this is the brand that you would like to purchase, then make sure that you will save for it. There might be promotions coming soon, so why don’t you be very patient and wait for the biggest discount from your favorite shop.

If possible, do not buy imitations because you will not get the same quality that original brands offer. This might just affect your performance and would be disappointed as well.



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