How to Choose a Great Highlight For Your Toddler

How to Choose a Great Highlight For Your Toddler

Night can be a good time of rest for you and your toddlers. Or it could be the time when darkness reminds the little one that a monster is hiding in the dark. You are going to do a lot of convincing and pampering and may even need to stay in the room together to get them to bed.

If darkness terrifies your kid, the best nightlight for toddlers may be a good investment. If darkness doesn’t seem like a problem now, there are other reasons for keeping one beside their bed. They are likely to wake up at night and find provisions handy and thank you for it.

So, how, what and where do you get the best nightlight? In this article, you will find how to choose the best nightlight for toddlers.

1. Understand the Types and Make a Choice According to Your Child’s Need (not only your needs)

You should know that choosing the best nightlight for toddlers comes with taste. Because there are different types, you will find that what meets your child’s taste is not what you find at the bedside of your neighbor’s daughter. So, here are the types:

· Plug-in Nightlight

These are the most common of all. It is possible that you will be given this one when you don’t ask many questions about other types. It has been used and many find it comfortable.

There are modern types of plug-ins which sensors. A typical one with motion sensors can turn on when you walk past it. The daylight sensor types will turn on as soon as the daylight in the room turns dark.

· Projection Nightlight

It projects images, just as the name implies, on the wall or ceiling of your kid’s room. That one is boring for the kids, making her see images of her superheroes, animals, planets, stars, and even cartoon characters. How cute!

This may seem like the best option except that the images need an accurate positioning of the nightlight to be clear and big enough. When the nightlight is too near the surface of the projection, it will be too big. In the same manner, it will appear too small event is too far. So the issue is, will you be able to position it properly in your child’s room to have a big and clear image?

· Soft Nightlight

This is a kind of animal-like toy with soft light built into it. It can serve two purposes when the room is turning dark. It is cuddly and the light is soft so that it enhances sleep.

There are more options like a portable nightlight, lampshade, and some parents still subscribe to the use of candles.

The option here is up to you when you consider why your kid needs a nightlight in the first place. Do they need some sort of entertainment before sleeping or do you want them to fall asleep quickly?

2. Consider the Position of Power Source

This is necessary for picking the best nightlight for toddlers especially if you are choosing the projection night. You want to get the light near the bed or if the power source is far, you might reconsider your choice. Perhaps a portable nightlight which is small and doesn’t need to be plugged into the power source may be a preferable choice.

The source of power can make the light too dim or too dull from the bed where your kid needs the light most. So check and consider your choice again.

Choosing the best nightlight for toddlers is all about your kid’s needs and comfortability.

3. Nightlight Timer

If you really understand your kid’s sleeping pattern, the nightlight with features such as a timer will be a good choice. You don’t need to turn it off and on manually. You will regulate according to your kid’s sleeping pattern. After setting the timer, it will work purposefully, turning on when your child is awake and off when your child is asleep.

This is even better because many parents understand the benefits of keeping the light off when the child is asleep. With a timer, you don’t have to come around to turn the nightlight off yourself. It will switch off automatically, saving you the stress.

The best nightlight for toddlers will have a timer and other features that enhance use. This, you must consider before making a choice.

4. The Level of Brightness

This is a kid’s room at night and the nightlight is not the bulb for doing other activities. The light should be soft and ambient, which can lure the child to sleep. Not a big bulb that can make the area as bright as a movie set.

So consider the brightness of the nightlight before you choose.


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