How to Choose the Right Security Bollard for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Security Bollard for Your Business

In today’s digital age, companies invest heavily in data security and privacy, but organizations are now also focusing on physical security in ensuring that their assets are protected as well. These assets include their employees, products, and raw materials – the core of their business operations. Security breaches and threats will not only mean a significant financial loss but emotional trauma to their people as well.

Fortunately, installing Bollard Security structures within your premises will ensure the prevention of incidents of ramming attacks, acts of terrorism, and vehicle mishaps.

What are Bollards?

Bollards are posts made of metal, concrete, or plastic that can prohibit access to specific areas in an establishment’s premises. They provide a safe and sturdy barrier against vehicles. Bollards also control the flow of traffic and mark territory as restricted.

There are several types of bollards for every kind of business and infrastructure, so choosing the right one may seem to be a daunting task. The following models will enlighten you on the appropriate protection for your organization’s needs.

  • Shallow Foundation Bollards

This Bollard Security structure is commonly used in businesses located in urban areas surrounded by sidewalks and streets. They only require a 14-inch deep foundation as opposed to other bollards that need to go four feet below the ground.

Installers can set them into existing sidewalks and landscapes. Despite their shallow foundation, most of these bollards are crash rated and ram protected.

  • Removable Bollards

If your company is hosting an event, it would be best to use removable bollards. It serves to protect pedestrians against vehicles in an outdoor venue. It can also enclose valuable equipment and vehicles to prevent unauthorized access.

These adjustable security barriers can be installed on existing steel pipe bollards for more durable protection. Removable bollards are lightweight for easy removal and transport.

  • Steel Pipe Bollards

Several companies and government institutions use steel pipe bollards. These permanent fixtures are available in a wide array of lengths and widths. They are known to be the most reliable type of bollards, withstanding façade crashes and storefront damages. Critical areas such as electrical centers and generators benefit from this sturdy security protection. Also, if your goal is to protect pedestrian areas from traffic, steel bollards are the best way to go.

You may opt to cover the steel bollards with bollard sleeves to make it more visible. You can ask the manufacturer to match it with the overall look of your building or establishment.

  • Flexible Bollards

There are thousands of parking lots all over the US. Every day, one out of five vehicles experience an accident in one of the most common structures in the country. One common incident is a vehicle backing into another car or a pedestrian. This dangerous and costly occurrence can be prevented with flexible bollards.

Manufacturers designed these bollards for traffic control in parking lots. They prevent significant damage to vehicles and protect pedestrians from accidents. They are commonly brightly colored to serve as a warning and promote visibility.

Pedestrian and building safety is every company’s priority. It would be a great move to install the appropriate type of security bollards to ensure that your organization effectively protects people and property.

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