How To Choose The Right Stairlift For The Disabled?

How To Choose The Right Stairlift For The Disabled?

Stair Lifts or Elevators or stair climbing wheelchairs are aids designed for people who have mobility issues. Stairlift is a motor powered wheelchair which moves on rail.They operate on racks and pinion technology enabling handicapped people to use staircases with ease.

New technology, devices and new ways of doing things, everyone has contributed to bring about changes in the way we behave as humans. new homes, malls, restaurants etc.are designed in such a way so that everyone can access them.

We can’t even imagine how difficult it is for senior citizens and disabled people to move on uneven surfaces and stairs.

The grass is not always green, specially decks, patios, elevated surfaces, upper floors of homes, restaurants, hotels, shop and commercial buildings are not easily accessible for disabled and senior citizens, so stairlifts were designed as a solution to this problem.

  • Benefits Of Using Stair Lift

Safety- As the stair lift has a rail track screwed to the staircase, it is safe to ascend or descend on the stairs for the users.

Independence- The user gets a sense of freedom using the stair elevator as they can access any part of the house easily.

Convenience- Stairlift makes it convenient for people with mobility issues to climb stairs without anybody’s help.

Staircase Structure Needs No Changes- Built staircases need no changes or modification while using a stair lift.

Adaptability- Most of these wheelchairs, even the complex ones, are designed so that they can adapt to different types of stairs.

Low-Power- They use very little power and are energy efficient.

Battery Operated- Even when there is a power failure most stairlifts can be used as they are battery operated.

Control- Stairlifts give the power and control to the users fingertips for the movement on a staircase.

Compact- They are compact and foldable in design, they can be carried around and can be stored away when not in use.

Emergency- In emergency evacuation the stair lifts are handy.

  • 3 Stair Lifts Available Online

1. Electric stair climbing wheelchair

2. Stair climbing wheelchair

3. 130 superglide stairlift-Acorn

For installation – T.L. Shield contractors are installation experts for Los Angeles stairlifts.

  • 5 Must Have Features In A Stair Lift Or Elevator –

1.Seat belts, straps, buckles – safety features

2. Power, life, recharge ability – battery

3. Usable on a variety of staircases – adaptability

4. Padded seats, arm rests, adjustable backrest, foldable footrest – comfortness

5. Prevent mishaps – emergency brakes

  • Tips To Choose The Best Stair Lift –

1. Review The Person’s Specific Need And Mobility- It helps the sales consultant to decide whether or not a stair lift is a solution. After this it is easier to look for different types of options available for stair lifts.

2. Know The Type Of Staircase – The type of staircase determines the type of rail needed for the lift. A curved rail costs more than a straight rail.

3. Buy Or Hire A Stair Lift – It can be decided on the duration of time for which the lift will be needed. If required only for a few months then renting is better but if required for a longer duration then it is better to buy it.

4. Consider The Available Options – Offer rail,seat, upholstery and footrest options for stair lift to enhance safety and convenience.

5. Select A Reputable Dealer – Do some research on the internet to choose from the number of manufacturers available by reading the reviews and comparing the stairlift models.

Now knowing all about stair lifts or stair elevators, an informed choice can be made while buying a stair lift finally so that senior citizens, disabled and people with major injuries and recovering from surgeries can move around easily, comfortably and conveniently.

It is easy to stay home and enjoy burial free life, works even when there is power cut, economic and reliable, easy and quick to install for narrow staircases.


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