Concrete Floor Sealers-your Home’s Ultimate Protection

Concrete Floor Sealers-your Home’s Ultimate Protection

Concrete Sealers:

Concrete sealers are a particular type of sealing material used to protect the concrete floor from any physical and natural damages. These damages could be of any kind like physical damage, stain, or corrosive damage. The sealers help to block the pores in the concrete so that the absorption of salt and water reduces and hence prevents them from entering the impermeable layer. This provides rigidity to the concrete floors. There is no second thought that the concrete damages are prior to water corrosion due to the absorption of moisture intrusion. Almost all of the major research universities indicate that the majority of the concrete damage signals the moisture intrusion. They loosen the grip on the surface, which results in the physical layer intrusion. Some of the specific damage includes chemical intrusion, alkali-silica reaction (ASR), and corrosion due to steel reinforced.

Types of Sealer:

There are basically two types of sealers in the market depending on the coatings and reactive category:-

· Topical sealer:

· topical sealers provide helpful and rigid protection from different kinds of chemicals and stains. They even deal with visual enhancement. For gaining addition to the surface at the time of implementing the sealer, the surface should be clean and dry. Topical sealers are quite slick when the surface is wet, which is due to the coefficient of friction. By the addition of anti-skid material, this disadvantage also equalizes. The normal life cycle of a topical sealer varies from 1-5 years. The topical sealers with the urethane system last longer than any of the other traditional sealers.

· Penetrating sealer:

· are useful where the surface is extraordinarily dry or damp. The penetrating sealer should match the porosity so that it effectively reacts to the surface and penetrate the area with a high success rate. The chemical reaction helps to block the active molecules and hence prevents the moisture from going into the surface. These types of sealers do not modify the basic appearance of the surface. The life cycle of penetrating sealer is generally five years or more.

There are some of the major chemical ingredients for sealers:

· Acrylic resins.

· Epoxy/Urethane systems.

· Silane.

· Silicates.

· Silicones.

· Siloxane.

There are various companies in the field which provide end to end solutions for concrete sealers. They provide you waterproofing experts and cure your concrete disorder. Even asphalt can be used to fill in the gaps using asphalt melter.

 Contreat coating sealers are one such company which provides services to all over the Australian market. They will provide you the best products at a competitive market price with additional sealing support.


The concrete sealers are a very important chemical agent for saving concrete flooring. With the help of these high-end products, the life span of the floors becomes almost double. The sealer advisors also play a very important role in finding out which sealer we should choose while dealing with a particular concrete floor. After the application of concrete sealers, the grinding technique helps to finish the surface providing better results.


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