Confused In Buying Mattress? Types Of Mattresses That You Should Know

Confused In Buying Mattress? Types Of Mattresses That You Should Know

The probability of you walking into a mattress shop and walking out with zero productivity is high. This is because you walked in with zero or limited prior knowledge concerning the types of Mattress available in the market and why you need the particular one.

Your Mattress plays a significant role in deciding how well you will sleep tonight. Comfort, lighting, and the temperature in your room are all secondary effects that control your sleep.

Therefore, to make sure you are purchasing the Best Mattress Brand, it is essential to educate yourself concerning the types of mattresses available in the market.

Common Types Of Mattresses You Should Be Aware Of

  • Innerspring

This is the type of Mattress we all have fun jumping on while we were young. The consist of a steel coil support system where an increase in the number of springs results in better sleep.

The best thing about these mattresses, even though they are old and new types are being introduced; they are readily available. You can check these in the mattress sale as well, in case you are low in budget.

Moreover, innerspring best firm mattress is easily transported and can be bought in multiple firmness options. Note that they do make a lot of noise and cannot withstand a lot of weight and pressure.

  • Natural Fibre

Natural Fibre mattresses are made with an intricate detail that makes the cost higher than most of the beds. The manufacturing process requires the use of natural fibers other than the artificial combinations.

A natural fiber mattress comes in different types of foam, which you can select depending upon the comfort level you want to achieve. Typical natural materials include organic cotton, hemp, organic wool, coconut coir, and latex.

  • Memory Foam

Memory foam technology has won hearts in several other areas, too. Apart from being used in a mattress this foam is used in footwear and furniture as well.

If you are looking for the perfect mattress that would allow you to sink into it and envelop itself on you, a memory foam mattress should be on the top of your list.

Doctors also recommend the memory foam mattress since they allow low motion transfer and provide high-pressure point relief level. Moreover, they also promote the adequate development of spine alignment.

  • Waterbeds

Invented a long time ago, even before innerspring mattresses, waterbeds might sound unique than most of the common types. Users have to adjust a waterbed on the frame and customize the amount of water they want it to retain.

They might be hard to maintain, difficult to set up, and the mobility is always an issue, but waterbeds allow you to control the flow of water depending upon your needs. The chambers can be fully controlled so that a restricted flow of water is achieved.

  • SomniGel

If you are looking for the Mattress that immediately bounces you back without sinking itself in, this is what you need. People who prefer extra stiffness in their Mattress and want the opposite of a memory foam need to buy this one.

Furthermore, SomniGel mattress has a quality of dispersing heat, which is great for summers. The hollow columns in the mattress favor airflow, which keeps the surrounding fresh.

  • Latex Mattress

These mattresses incorporate latex instead of memory foam, which means they are manufactured from natural resources. These mattresses come in several qualities of lushness and firmness, which you can choose upon your inclination.

Unlike memory foam, these are less dense. Latex mattresses provide the durability and comfort you need, which will give you your penny’s worth.

  • Polyfoam Latex Hybrid

Many of us happen to sleep in the same posture almost every time, which is why the position under it must be stiff to avoid the Mattress from sinking in.

Hybrid Mattress does require some homework where users must know what they are looking for to match the mattress’s properties with their preferences.

Final Thought:

It is wise to test the Mattress before you make the purchase. You can look at all the types of mattresses available in the market to know which one matches your needs to the fullest.

These common types of mattress help you have a clear picture of all the possibilities you should look into before purchasing one.


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