How to connect solar panels with battery powered security cameras

How to connect solar panels with battery powered security cameras

Security cameras are one of today’s necessity. Solar powered security cameras are the most advanced form of battery powered security and surveillance systems.

There are two options either you get a security camera along with a solar panel and its batteries or you get a separate solar panel and batteries from the market. Now there a number of dos and don’ts while putting up the entire system to gather.

You will be needing a number of things for connecting the set but your needs will vary from the type of security camera and the solar panel as well. Dk Security tells that, in present market, there are two kinds of solar systems that you can utilize for powering up your battery surveillance camera system. One works through hydro heat system, it means that the power will be generated by heating the water, on the other hand you can have solar systems that will directly convert the solar energy into electricity.


As far as security cameras are concerned, they usually come with the second type of solar Systems. Before placing the solar panel make sure that you are fixing it in a way that it faces south, that is what experts believe. Get in touch with some technicians as well and ask them about the amount of energy that can be produced by a single solar cell and multiply it with the number of cells you have got for supporting your security and surveillance system.

Another thing is the shelter for the batteries that will be directly connected to the solar cells, you can not leave them in open. So, you ought to place them somewhere there it would be weather and rain proof.

  • Get the tool box

The most essential thing is the tool box. Imagine having a super solar system at your side but poor you because you have not got some proper buts and bolts to fix it with, I know most of you might think of a technician but this is not that smart. Smartness is preparing before hand. So, get yourself a complete tool box before starting off.

Moreover, while unboxing check if the company has provided you with some special tools or not. Many of the times people skip this and end up in a total disaster. So be very careful.

  • Fixing the solar panels

Now fix the solar panel at your roof or balcony, wherever there is the brighter sunlight. Before fixing it make sure that there is no amendment needed in that area. Solar panels are for long term usage if you will not take care of this then there can be a problem in uninstalling and installing again.

So, mend your place before you install the solar panel.

  • Getting a charge controller

This is a tricky part, most of us would think that why I a suggesting such a thing but trust me it will pay you later. Over charging can completely destroy your device and the solar panel’s battery. So, while you are ready to connect your solar panel with its batteries make sure that you have got the charge controller connected with the solar panel’s power supply cord.

Charge controller will resist and moderate the extra charge. Extra charging can disturb the balance of the electrolyte of the batteries and this way they get useless.

  • Connecting the batteries

I assume that you all know that while you were placing the solar panel you already had your security camera unboxed. Nevertheless, if not then continue reading.

Connect the batteries carefully, remember positive terminals are for positive and negative are for negative you can not just connect them randomly. Machines do not work like that.

After you have connected the charge controller with the solar panel’s batteries, check again if all the switches and connections are in place or not.

  • Putting the batteries in shade

After you have connected this part, now its time to save the power bank. Make a shelf or some hood and place your solar panel batteries under them. This is for a safe and secure power supply.

  • Connect the solar power batteries to spy camera’s batteries

This is the last step, here you might need a longer wire. Get a thick wire for connecting the batteries together. If the wire will be longer and thick then the resistance will ne moderate otherwise a thin and long wire will be of grater resistance. Again, while connecting make sure that you are connecting the positive terminal with the positive and negative terminals with the negative terminals of the security camera’s battery.

Note: While connecting the wires get some extra holders. These holders will hold the long wire, with the help of some nuts you can fix the wire along with the wall. This way you place will remain neat and tidy.



Battery powered security cameras are best but for making them more advanced you can connect them with solar panels, solar panels will be a source of unlimited power supply and it is economical you can have it once and after that there will be a cut in your electricity bill.


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