Content Marketing Checklist – A Guide for Beginners

Content Marketing Checklist - A Guide for Beginners

There are over a million blogs i.e., there is one blog for every 7 people. How are you going to compete? Today Google isn’t looking at what content is available because everything is available. So how do you stand above the noise?

Content marketing existed much before the internet existed – how? Because content is about storytelling and our attention have been to those who tell engaging stories. Tim Ferriss’s podcasts did so well in 2018 only because of what he had to say.

To craft content that’s relevant, consistent, attractive and customer-friendly – you have to ace your marketing game plan. It should be precisely something that benefits your ROI.

1. Have a plan

Have a clear vision of your content, its value to readers and internalize it. Tune it up periodically to grow exponentially. Do you know 60% of marketers are already creating at least one piece of content each day. So you certainly don’t want to be a part of a group who struggle to create engaging content and measure the effectiveness of current strategies. It should be such that it outlines your business, customer needs and makes an effort to address them.

2. Know your audience

If it doesn’t cater to the right people with the right problem then what is pointing drafting the blog in the first place? Map the content i.e., understand audience so well that you can create content for each stage of their journey towards the ultimate purchase.

3. Know where to post, when to post

Your content doesn’t really exist if it’s not reaching your audience. And time and platform play a role far more crucial than you think it does. So pick out the platforms where your customers are available, analyze the timings and then schedule your content accordingly.


4. Mix up and experiment

How long would you be interested if it’s only blogs that you are reading – one after another? It’s certainly not long, right? In the era when videos and infographics are breaking all records, why would you want to lose on the benefits it has to offer?

Now that you are aware of the basic plan, let’s get into the details – every content marketing agency focus on these three stages of content marketing, each of which calls for different kinds of content:

1. Awareness

At this stage, consumers have no idea you exist – so your first goal is to spread awareness so that people know you. When you are hustling here, pay attention to metrics like number of readers, a number of page views, top performing pages, engagement rate, and time spent on each site and articles viewed. It is extremely important to know if you are headed in the right direction and if there are some results which say otherwise, change your direction!

2. Consideration

Now, people are aware and you need to push them to get into their ‘consideration’ list of alternatives. Usually, newsletters do a great job to generate trust during the consideration phase of the buyer’s journey. It creates an ongoing conversation with your prospects and when they sign, they are likely to consider. ‘Stay in touch, all the time’ is the golden rule to push up the buyer to the decision phase. E-books can also be of great use if executed right.

3. Decision

This is the most important phase of your marketing ladder – the phase of make or break, push or shove, buy or ditch. At this time, your prospects are almost there to make the final purchase – just a little nudge and there you are! Discounts, deals and any other promotional offers can be of brilliant use at this stage.

A few things you need to consider:

  • For marketing to work, content should work – so, update old content. Don’t copy the same things over and over again. Write something fresh, something new with graphics which can get proper social shares and which bundles, summarizes and presents information clearly.
  • Create audio and video-based content. It is always more personal, engaging, people get to know you and your personality via YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Although don’t share the same video over and over again. Create a social media graphic for a particular platform and share the link everywhere.
  • Always remember promotion is equally important than writing. Social shares, graphic design tools, self-publishing companies, and endless internet space provide free access to a lot of people. It helps to strengthen the brand image. Promoting content or products as funny and enjoyable is a great way of attracting viewers. Entertain before buying, always. Make them laugh, cry and share. It promotes the seller-customer relationship. Netflix’s social media presence has made a significant difference in gathering public attention.
  • People love live content. They remember better and engage more. It provides extra transparency as it is highly visual. People watch live video on an average of three times longer than traditional videos.

DON’T focus too much on sales while promoting. It represses the customer’s intent to buy and doesn’t help them engage with the marketing technique. Excessive self-promotion hinders marketing and drives people away.

Effective marketing converts visitors to customers efficiently. So start implementing these tips today and you will be halfway there.


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