Debunking Five Myths Regarding College Admissions

Debunking Five Myths Regarding College Admissions

Contrary to what most students believe, college admission only has a level of difficulty. Not all colleges and universities around the US are selective. Fewer than 100 colleges are targeted, which only means around 75% of applicants get admitted to their university of choice.

Aiming for the right graduate school needs some preparation, though. This is where online college counseling becomes crucial. High school graduates who’ve had a certain level of training, have an increased chance of getting into their preferred schools by as much as 35% to 40%.

Colleges and universities only look for well-rounded students.

  • Colleges and universities only prefer applicants with an excellent academic and non-curricular track record is a long-standing belief amongst students.
  • Colleges would want their classes well-rounded; in most cases, it is not a prerequisite to getting admissions. Being able to show your intellectual capacity and tenacity to learn proves vital during the initial screening process. More than all the qualifiers, colleges need entrants who excel in a particular area.

Colleges won’t bother checking social media for a background track record. 

  • With the advent of social media, it is now easier for Admission Officers to perform a background check on applicants.

With most people caught in the hype of posting their everyday lives.

  • It is easier and more likely for colleges to check an applicant’s profile using their social media account.

Getting recommendations from acquaintances will increase your chance of passing admissions. 

  • Working for the college or university won’t go so far as to convince Admission Officers of your capacity. Everything boils down to your track record and what significant achievements you have accomplished during your high school days.
  • Colleges are particular about your GPA score, and it only signifies your ability to perform under the circumstance of your chosen field. For instance, your cumulative count dictates your qualifications for scholarship grants, post-graduate program applications, and joining collegiate clubs and organizations.

Get the Right Help to Increase Qualification Chances

One way of putting everything into perspective is to get the right help to help you ace your college admissions. Engaging yourself in an online college counseling program will enable you to see the light amid all the chaos of college preparations.

You’ll discover that beyond your grades and aptitude test scores, knowing what courses are ideal and which colleges to go to can be substantial. Preparatory centers organize a list of measures, giving you the right tools to overcome the hurdles of college admissions.

The Undeniable Benefits of an Early College Admissions Program

Every student benefits from having a concrete plan laid out for them even before graduating. An early college preparatory program has the critical benefits of helping the child improve their critical thinking. It is also beneficial for developing active time management and work ethics skills and learn of effective studying habits.

An online counseling program will give you or your child the benefits of quickly addressing various concerns that might affect your college pre-qualifications. Being able to develop a sound strategy early in your academic career will increase your chances of passing the admissions with ease.




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