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More On The Disadvantages And Advantages Of Online Gaming For Kids

Online gaming is among the most rapidly expanding trends today and when we consider our kids, it could be both harmful and useful to them. It is not recommended to keep them completely away from gaming, since it could mean more harm than good. However, in this article we’ll be exploring the drawbacks and benefits of online gaming for kids and some safety precautions you can take to protect them.


  • The web is an open place that is capable of accessing a massive amount of information. When kids download games from less reputable sites, they may end up downloading viruses, malware, spam, etc. too.
  • Some individuals out there are always prying the internet with the goal of taking advantage of children. Kids are easily fooled or cheated and can be at risk of being cyberbullied.


  • Online gaming can be beneficial in making your children more mentally active. The games involve numerous levels and missions that must be achieved within a limited time. This assists your kids with learning how to manage their time better.
  • Hand and mind coordination – a significant benefit for kids that play online games. He can learn to coordinate his mind to collate the actions of his hands. While doing these activities, he can boost mental strength.
  • Kids become more socially active while interacting with other players online which is good for developing social interaction skills.

Despite online gaming having a few drawbacks, kids can be protected by their parents to avoid them becoming victims of online attacks. Check out this – UK gambling slots not on gamstop for adult gaming entertainment. Instead of banning your kids from playing online games, you can make some rules that your kids must abide by.

  • Secrecy – Teach your children to always keep their personal information private, particularly when they are on sites they don’t know.
  • Protect passwords – Many online games require passwords for access. Teach your children to never divulge their passwords to anyone to prevent cheating or getting hacked.
  • Never use real names online – always use fake names unless it is a highly reputable website.
  • Online etiquette – Teach your children basic fair game ethics when playing with other players.
  • Don’t trust strangers – Teach your children to never agree to meeting someone in person.
  • Play for fun – gaming should be fun and not used for accessing age-restricted sites used for gambling.

These are the things you can ask your children to do when online, however, as a parent, you can also take a few steps in making sure their online gaming experience stays an enjoyable and safe venture.

These include:

  • Installing Antivirus Software – make sure it is updated frequently. It will ensure your PC stays free from viruses and most of them have parental guidance features which you can use to prevent your children from gaining access to unsafe or illegal websites.
  • Activating Family Safety Settings On Your PC Or Devices – this will automatically block the sites you don’t wish your kids to enter.
  • Limiting Gaming For Certain Times During The Day – you can encourage and suggest safe games like Minecraft, to ensure they don’t look for games on their own.


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