Discover the Number one Funeral Home in South King County

Discover the Number one Funeral Home in South King County

Losing a loved one is never easy. Apart from grieving the person, you have to make funeral arrangements to ensure that they get the perfect send-off. This can be quite overwhelming because everything needs to be planned as soon as possible, even when the wound is still fresh. Fortunately, Price Helton Funeral Home is here for you.

We are one of the top funeral homes in the area and have been providing quality services since 1911. We offer a wide range of services, including cremation services Washington and funeral planning. There are plenty of reasons for you to choose us, with the number one being the fact that we have over a century of experience. Below are a few more reasons why.


Puget Sound Crematory

While a good number of funeral homes tend to use third-party crematories, ours is in-house and completely under our control. This means that you don’t have to deal with a crematory located in an industry style warehouse with about five other different functions. Our crematories are well designed to accommodate grieving families, and the atmosphere is sound enough that you’re loved one is guaranteed a decent send-off. Also, you don’t have to worry about your loved one leaving our care.

Years of Experience

As mentioned earlier, we take a lot of pride in the rich experience we have. Having been in operation even before the world wars, we have been able to rack up a significant amount of experience. Through this experience, we have been able to learn a lot about how to handle different scenarios and also know what you might need to give your loved one the perfect send-off.

Fully Trained Staff

At our disposal is a team of dedicated staff who fully understand the importance of the job and are always ready to serve. We take the recruitment process very seriously and are always looking to find people who are perfect for the job. Compassion, professionalism and sensitivity are some of the main traits we look for, so you can be sure that any time you’re dealing with one of us, you’ll be treated with consideration and professionalism, most importantly. In addition to that, we conduct regular training exercises to ensure that our staff are operating in the highest industry standards.

Serving All Faiths

At Price-Helton Funeral Home, we don’t discriminate when it comes or religion or faith. You are allowed to come with a minister or celebrant of your liking, and when you don’t have one but need one, we can always provide a certified celebrant. Finally, we serve both those who prefer spiritual service and also those who prefer secular service.

Family Owned & Operated

Price-Helton Funeral Home is owned and operated by a local family, so naturally, you should expect a more welcoming service. We like to know our clients on a personal level because we’ve all been in that position and therefore know how much emotional support is important. We are an independent operation, not answerable to any stakeholders, so the most important thing for us is ensuring our clients are satisfied.

Solid Reputation

For the long time we have been in business, we have been able to earn the trust of the locals and built a solid reputation. This has been through constantly delivering quality services and ensuring that the clients’ needs are met. We don’t mess about when it comes to customer satisfaction and don’t consider a job well done unless the client is fully satisfied. With such a reputation, we always want to build on it, so you can expect us to continue being consistent with quality. Furthermore, we are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve our service delivery so you can stay at peace knowing that the only way is up.

With such a resume, there is no reason why you should be looking elsewhere for cremation services in Washington. Our prices are some of the most competitive in town, and when you consider that plus the fact that our services are top quality, you’re assured of getting value for your money. In case of any inquiries, feel free to contact us or visit our offices.


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