Distance Isn't a Problem: 5 Awesome Messaging Apps You Can Use Today

Distance Isn’t a Problem: 5 Awesome Messaging Apps You Can Use Today

Social distancing is an effective, non-medical way of preventing viruses from spreading. In today’s global pandemic, people need to practice proper handwashing and the appropriate social distancing methods to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Life has to go on, though, despite social distancing becoming the norm. Although today’s quarantine guidelines suggest maintaining a distance between friends, family, and other social gatherings, it doesn’t prevent us from communicating with each other.

Thankfully, technology has brought a lot of ways for us to talk and socialize, even without physically seeing, touching, and hearing our loved ones. For one, technology has brought us a lot of messaging apps that make life easier, despite the threat of COVID-19. There are even sites like Camsurf, where you can talk and make friends with strangers without compromising your security. With that said, here are some of the best messaging apps you can use today:



TextNow is a messaging app that allows its users to call family and friends even without credit conveniently. It’s true, all you need to do is download and install the textnow apk, a stable wifi connection, and you’re all set. However, what do you do when there’s no wifi? Well, don’t fret. TextNow can still send messages even without wifi!

The app is fully loaded with excellent features such as unlimited calls and texts anywhere in the US, an exclusive number, picture messaging, adding personalized signatures to messages, caller ID, video messaging, and has even call forwarding options. TextNow is free, and you can download it on your phone. If you want to use it on PC, just get a suitable emulator and download the app from its official website.


If you want a messaging app that’s reliable and fast, look no further than Skype. Skype has a neat feature that enables users to connect their phone to their Skype accounts and reply to their messages via PC. The app also allows users to do video calls, even if they’re far away from each other.

Skype also has a mobile version which has almost the same features as the PC version. With Skype, you can also send GIFs, images, and photos. Although it’s highly recommended to use the mobile and PC versions, the mobile has specific bugs that often require users to restart the app.

Aside from that minor glitch, users will be glad to use Skype for work and personal use. Skype allows screen sharing, which is a powerful tool when you’re doing presentations at conferences or other calls.


Another great app for work or personal use is WhatsApp. With WhatsApp, you can use it on either iOs, Android, and Windows. The app also allows flexible video chatting for users who have three or four participants. WhatsApp is an incredibly powerful messaging app that enables users to share their location, broadcasting statuses, and customizing their profiles.


If it’s simplicity you want with messaging apps, Viber is the best for your needs. Don’t be fooled, though, Viber doesn’t sacrifice features over simplicity. For one, Viber allows users to send pictures and video messages to other people. You can also download the app via smartphone or PC.

Another feature that Viber boasts is its user-friendly interface. It’s effortless to use and quite fast. Some might argue that security is a significant issue with most messaging apps. Although Viber is fast and straightforward, it’s highly touted as one of the most secure messaging apps to use.


What do you do when the one you’re contacting only has a landline phone on standby? The answer to that question is Freetone. Freetone is a messaging app that allows you to call family, friends, or other people even when they’re on a landline, all for free. For a reasonable price, you get to use the premium text and call service plus the full features of the app.


One way of getting the boredom out of our system is by socializing. However, with a pandemic going on, social distancing has become the norm. With social distancing, physical contact is often difficult. Thankfully, the messaging apps listed above will help people communicate and socialize with other people without breaking any social distancing rules.


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