Download Gangstar vegas Mod Apk Latest Version

Download Gangstar vegas Mod Apk Latest Version [ 100% WORKING ]

The Gangstar Vegas is an adventurous mafia game based on the city of Sin. In this article, we are providing the description link for downloading the Gangstar Vegas mod apk file. It’s an open world action-adventure video game which has been developed by Gameloft for both Android and the iOS. Gangstar Vegas mod apk android 2018 is the fifth main installment of the Gangstar series and was released on June 7, 2013. The theme is based on enjoying everything Vegas has got to offer from shooting up the rival gangs and stealing cars to racing down the trip and pushing our luck at the casino. The Gangstar Vegas is preceded by the Rio: the City of Saints. If not the best, it still is one of the best crime games out there. This Gangstar Vegas mod apk obb game is compatible with all the smartphones and tablets that run Android 2.3 and above. Gangstar Vegas mod apk file.


Aim of the Gangstar Vegas mod apk offline Gameplay

  • You will be playing as mixed martial arts star whose dreams of being a champ will clash with the world of gang wars, theft, zombies and more.
  • You need to fight through 80 missions full of action, auto races, shooting and more.
  • And finally, you could even rise clans of the criminals to strike the enemies from shadows.


The Gangstar Vegas mod apk android is almost similar to its predecessors of the series, and it is like an extension to the Grand the auto and numerous clones out there. The Gameloft is marketing as the Gangstars largest open and also the play area is much larger. In addition to the main storyline of this Gangstar Vegas game, players can free roam and also take part in numerous side activities like street racing, bank robberies, and underground fighting tournaments. Property management also exists in the game which allows the players to gain income businesses acquired during the game. Keeping the Las Vegas theme in mind casino mini-games such as blackjack, video poker, and slot machines were also introduced into the game along with other establishments such as convenience stores and nightclubs.

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The Story

In the Gangstar Vegas mod apk 2018, you are an MMA champion framed by the mob, and you are supposed to throw your next bout. But when your opponent in the game beats you to the punch and goes down first, there’s a change in the gang Lord’s plan which went down.

Now suddenly you become the most wanted man in that dog-eat-dog city where crime is everywhere. Here in Las Vegas fortunes are made, and lives are lost with a roll of a dice!

This Game is tailor made for the fans of FPS action, auto racing, driving, zombie clans, robots, games with car theft and free mobile games.


  • Main and supporting characters

  1. Sean Schemmel as Jackson, the kid Malone is the main protagonist of this game. He is a former bouncer in a Vegas club, Jackson has been given the opportunity to train an become a professional MMA fighter by Frank Veliano after he saved Veliano in a fight.
  2. Selena Greenwood is the widow of Vera Montello in this game.
  3. Suzy Myers Jackson as Karen sole is Vera’s accountant/bodyguard. Her mother left her father and Karen when she was just three, and from then she was raised by her father who in the game was a policeman.
  4. Billy Bob Thompson as “Johnny Jack the hammer” of Montello. She owns a stripper club, Fire and vice, and she is a good friend of Karen. She is the sole reason for the war between Frank and Jason.
  5. Tom Wayland as Eric aka E-man is known as E-man, is a drug dealer and who is also a prostitute caretaker for the Montello. He is always high on drugs as he tries most of the drugs he makes. He also has an unusual habit of using historical fiction and fantasy terms to describe things and people. He appears in the later stage of the game as a hostage who joins your gang Gangstar new Orleans.
  • Special characters

  1. Rizky the Dack is an alien villain in the alien missions who has manipulated Jason to believe that alien was merely a peace ambassador despite having mind control weapons with them, in which Steve has claimed Andromeda moon eaters hiding behind the moon. After Steve and Jason infiltrates the Area 51, he betrays Jason leaves him to die. Jason eventually survives and kills this character later.
  2. Devil, the devil, captures Jason and forces him to work for both in the casino “City of Saints” and “in hell” before releasing him.
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What’s new in Gangstar Vegas 5 android?

  1. You could upgrade your drones for better healing band more firepower.
  2. There are two new suits launched including a special bonus to the celebrate the fifth games anniversary.
  3. And in the new treasure hunt events, you would be able to hunt for the artifacts.
  4. The new cold killer exoskeleton.
  5. You could hop into three sets of wheels including the heavily armed Destructo-XXL.
  6. You are now able to subscribe to unlock unlimited ammo and vehicle deliveries.

And finally, the new Hideout sniper rifle holds more bullets for heavy assassination purposes.   

Why you should Download Gangstar Vegas mod apk?

The mod apk file of Gangstar Vegas 5 apk has following great features

  1. The mod feature will help you get unlimited money in the game.
  2. It will also help you unlock unlimited diamonds for you.
  3. You will also be provided with unlimited keys.
  4. You will supply with unlimited ammo to add to your firepower.
  5. Provides anti-ban(Do not participate in the events).
  6. And finally, you will have unlimited SP.


The Gangstar Vegas mod apk android 1 game has received from the mixed to positive reviews upon its release. And also it earned a decent score of 61 out of 100 at the Metacritic which is well known for giving reviews to games. Toucharcade gave a 4-star rating on a scale of five in mixed review calling the game as “open-minded, violent and destruction filled fun game” and has praised the graphics of the game but criticized the hit and miss voice acting, controls and other technical issues of the game. An even more critical review came from pocket gamer which called it as a misogynistic and also bemoaned its lack of polish and the control scheme.



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